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No, It’s Not About Abortion, Per Se

I generally do not get involved in politics. I try not to discuss debatable issues, for the most part. But this particular subject doesn’t sit well with me. At all. So….

I’m just going to put this out there so everybody’s on the same page.

I have never, do not now, nor will I EVER condone abortion. To be honest, it pisses me off, but even more, it breaks my heart. However, I am not here to start a public debate because, unfortunately, the law is quite clear concerning abortion. To change that I guess I’d have to get more involved with politics and changing the minds of the people who inhabit this beautiful country we live in. Can it be done? Most certainly. With God, anything is possible. But another story for another day.

So, minds at ease folks, I am not here to discuss the beliefs, mine or otherwise, about abortion. Oh wait! Even though I am not going to discuss beliefs about abortion and women’s rights, I am going to touch on abortion. It’s not the focus, but it is.

Kind of.

I saw something on FB recently. Yeah, there’s that social media site. Again.

And as we all know, FB is always right ๐Ÿ˜‰


Recently, I saw some abortion statistics on FB.

Well, sort of.

The stats were actually talking about the number of weeks that it’s legal to get abortions, according to state. Astonishingly enough, 22 weeks is the going rate. Honestly, I found this heartbreaking.


I almost cried.

I mentioned this to my husband and he agreed. As I said, I can never agree with abortion, but come on. 20 weeks?

I don’t care what anyone says about abortions up to 12 weeks (which is still just as heartbreaking and something I can’t even begin to understand), but 20 weeks! There is no way in this world that at 20 weeks that fetus can be considered anything other than a human life!ย Yes! That fetus is human at 20 weeks!

To say otherwise would just be R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S!

So, back to this not being about abortion. FYI, I just needed to put that out there.

Now, back to the story that’s not about abortion. Per se.

After that discussion with my husband, I started thinking.

Yes! I know, me thinking. Who’da thought?!?

But, alas, thinking…..

One thought that has always stumped me when it comes to abortion is:

Why doesn’t the father have a say in it?

Let’s be perfectly clear here….if baby is ‘allowed’ to survive according to the mother’s wishes, then said father will be held accountable for the child. He will be required to child support, medical support, dental support, etc. etc in any combonation or whatever.

I get it that the daddy doesn’t carry the child. The daddy doesn’t birth the child. Etc. Etc. Etc.

However, that child is a product of his sperm and her eggs.

That child carries his genes as well as hers.

That child whom he has no say over until it’s birth is just as much his as hers.


He doesn’t have a say.

And that is just one more thing wrong with the whole abortion debate.

It’s funny that women’s rights activist are so quick to holler prejudice against women or women’s rights while in the very next breath totally stomp on the rights of other individuals. Unfortunately, this happens much more than one realizes.

To gain rights, I guess it’s just easier to take rights away from others.

Way to go…, yeah, not really.

So, there you have it. It’s not about abortion. Per se.

The thousands of little angels taken by abortion each year are forever in my prayers. However, it’s the moms and the abortion-performing doctors who really need our prayers. So, I ask any one of you, please pray for these women and these doctors.

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