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Her Beginning

It was a normal pregnancy for me except I was sicker for longer during the beginning. For all my pregnancies prior to hers, I was only sick (nausea) for about 2-3 months. With her, I was nauseous, I mean severely nauseous, for the first 4 months. All I did during that time period was lie on the couch, moaning in agony…..Okay maybe not moaning, but definitely felt like I was dying! And I laid there like that ALL. DAY. LONG. For 4 months straight.

I was excited about baby #6. I was exhausted. All. The. Time. She was born in September so I was, as with the previous pregnancies, very pregnant through the hottest parts of the summer. And with my pregnancies, I don’t stay small and look like I’m carrying a little rubber ball in my tummy. Oh no. Not me! I look and feel like I am carrying 3 watermelons in my tummy. I was excited. And I was miserable.

My heart was set on a girl as I already had 5 boys. We decided NOT to find out the sex of the baby because I was absolutely convinced that if we didn’t find out then it would be a girl. My theory: with the first four pregnancies we found out the sex and all four pregnancies produced 5 healthy boys so if we didn’t find out the sex then it would be a girl.

Whether my theory was scientifically based or not, it worked.

We finally had a girl!

I went into labor and everything proceeded without a hitch….


she has arrhythmia.

Oh no! I finally got the girl I had been dreaming of for forever only to have a medical concern.

It wasn’t severe and she got to go home with me, but doctors did say she’d have to have another EKG in two weeks.

With lots of prayers, within that first couple of weeks she was cleared. The arrhythmia went away on its’ own. She proceeded to grow healthier.

She was a beautiful baby, hardly squeaked at all. She was happy most of the time, mostly only fussy when hungry or sick or needed changing. She got held. Alot. Being the only girl (besides me) in the house, she was doted on and spoiled by everyone.

At each of her check-ups since then she’s been healthy as a horse. She continued to grow. Soon enough she started crawling which -as we all know – leads to walking. She talks non-stop. Sadly, she has night terrors. Once she made up her mind to be potty trained, that was that. No accidents. No regressing. She’s active and funny and caring. She’s full of joy and love of learning. She’s interested in the world around her and loves to dance. She’s a little social butterfly with a very friendly disposition. She’s sweet and sassy and only she can be the little girl we all love.

My little girl is almost 7 andย we are truly blessed.

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