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The Ugly Quilt: Update #2

I am moving right along on my donation project aka the Ugly Quilt. I was showing the pieces to my sister the other day and explaining what I’m making it for. She asked me why I wanted to make an ugly quilt for donation. Let me explain: I found a couple of patterns in a magazine that I like so I got my husbands’ opinion. After hearing his opinion, I decided to go with the one that he liked best. It’s an easy design that reminds me of days gone by. Since that feeling of nostalgia was so strong when I saw the quilt, I decided I wanted to make it using older looking fabric colors and designs. The fabrics all separately are exactly that: old and outdated – that’s what I love about them! However, once the blocks and colors are all put together to create the quilt pattern, it is not going to be ugly. Beings that is the case with the fabrics and then the pattern itself I settled on the name the Ugly Quilt. It fits perfectly. So, to clear up the misconception, the quilt will be beautiful, but the colors of the fabrics alone are why I have deemed it the Ugly Quilt.  As a quilter, I look at every quilt with some appreciation and see the beauty in each one because it’s the creation, the work put into it, and the devotion of the person creating it that makes it so special.

Now for the update:

As I said, the design is easy: different color triangles sewn together to make a 3″ block which is then sewn together in a total of 9 3″ blocks to make a 9″ square block. In the last update, the first cutting to make the blocks was completed. Basically, each of my chosen fabrics was cut into the 3″ squares needed to build the triangles by laying two different colors of squares right sides together to sew down the middle as is shown below:


After stitching on both sides of a line penciled down the fabric, the next step is to cut on the penciled line to create two triangles that once opened up are actually the square block (size of block may vary on individual taste) starting blocks that will eventually create the pattern block.


Thus far, I have stitched together all the 3″ starting blocks that I will need, a total of 336 3″ square blocks.


My next step: cutting all the squares on the penciled line to create the 3″ square – More Updates Coming Soon!


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