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Taking a Time Out

Given the news of our daughter, I have decided I am going to ‘unplug’ for a bit.

Almost all of my motherhood years and years as a wife have been spent in the home to focus on the raising of our family. My daily basis consists of keeping our home in somewhat of an order, daily chores to keep the house organized and clean, meeting the needs of my husband and my children. You know how it is, the hustle and bustle of family life: grooming and growing this little people, nourishing their bodies and their souls, appointments of all kinds, school schedules, visitation schedules, growing the husband/wife relationship, growing the parent/child relationship, growing our own spiritual life, bills, bills, and more bills…it’s the same demands with some variation in every home in America.

And it’s exhausting and easy to get caught up in!

But, I must say, with technology that is available, getting caught up in is now much easier than ever. Children, teens, adults of all walks of life walk around with phones/headphones glued to ears, in hand, or easily accessible. Husbands/wives earn a paycheck to watch it leave just as quick as it’s in hand, kids/teens do their duties of education, chores and activities, and when parents cross paths with their children conversation has become nothing more than an exchange of the basics and everyone’s off again to do whatever they do.

So this momma, is taking a technology hiatus. It’s going to be an adjustment for whatever amount of time I choose to do it because, like everyone else, I always have my phone. The Internet is easily accessible and at my fingertips. I’m going old-school and taking time-off from the computer, from my cell-phone (emergency only), and revamping my focus.

I will not give updates, check-ins, or anything for at least a week ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s a trial period. No matter the outcome, I will make myself

Don’t worry. You will get full detail when I return.

See you soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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