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Peace Be with You

With the election fast approaching, a reminder to be at peace and to offer peace to others during this trying time. Electing the next president and other government officials puts much stress on each of individually as well as out country. God bless you all.


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The Woman God Created

God perfectly describes how He created a woman to be in Proverbs 31. I know a few women in my ‘circle’ who have many, if not most, of these qualities. I pray every day that I can have these qualities as well. God bless woman everywhere ♥


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Potty-training Woes


Let’s face it! Parents don’t potty train because they want to. Potty training sucks! It’s frustrating! If you’re anything like me, patience is not one of your finer points.

When potty-training first begins, my attitude is, “Oh yeah, I’ve got this! We are going to breeze right through this.”

I’m on top of the world all day on the first day because accidents aren’t happening and the child seems to be doing pretty well. Then day two rolls around. The first potty of the morning is great. He/she normally goes potty without any argument. The next potty break hits a slight bump and he/she gets whiny, not wanting to sit on the potty or sits but refuses to eliminate. By the third or fourth potty break, I can feel my angst beginning to rise. By this time there may have been an accident or two. Frustration sets in.

And so it goes for another day or so.

My patience is wearing thin and the child in question is feeling a little impatient him/herself. We’re both ready to throw in the towel at this point.

But, NO! I can’t do it. The child needs to be potty-trained. He/she is old enough and diapers aren’t cheap!

So, I enlist my husband to help. For some reason, he’s an Ace and can get the little monkey’s to go potty, no problem.

I absolutely hate potty training, but we got it accomplished.

Psheeewww, one more time.

I can happily say that my youngest daughter is now P-O-T-T-Y T-R-A-I-N-E-D! Yay!!!

As I said, potty training it HARD!

It’s not fun!

It’s frustrating and makes me want to CRY!

It has to be one of the hardest jobs as a parent (at least in my opinion 😉 ).


It doesn’t have to be.

When potty-training, there are many different tips that one will try to accomplish the task of transitioning from diapers to panties/underwear. The ones that were most beneficial to me from the very first child to the last child, ages 3-17, include the following:

  1. Pray – Praying will bring peace to any aspect of your life, even potty-training! Pray, pray, pray. Ask for God’s help in potty-training. Ask for strength on the more frustrating days. Ask for patience on the less patient days. Give thanks for the chance you been given to potty-train your child. Just pray.
  2. Have Patience – As mentioned, I have no patience. However, I have learned that being patient and letting him/her run the show, much more will get accomplished. The less I fight with my child trying to force him/her to go potty, the less he/she fights me when it comes to going potty.
  3. Timing – I didn’t start potty-training until the age of 3. By this time, the child is waking up with a dry diaper and can voice when he/she has gone potty in his/her diaper. I have met many people who have their children potty-trained by age 2, but age 3 worked better for me.
  4. Enticement – Yes, bribing! Does it work? Once a child makes the connection of elimination in the potty rather than the diaper, bribing does work! It simply reminds the child of that elimination connection and will entice said child to keep using the toilet rather than their clothing, pull-up, or diaper. For my youngest that we just got potty-trained, we have gone through one bag of Starbursts. She’s a happy camper and I’m a happy momma 🙂
  5. Praise – As with most things in their young lives, children liked to be praised for their accomplishment. So, momma’s and daddy’s, don’t forget to praise your child when he/she potties in the toilet. Trust me! He/she will definitely want to keep impressing you if you gush on and on about what an awesome job he/she did. It also keeps building that trust between parent and child that is so important for a child’s development.
  6. Enlist the help of daddy – My husband was has been a lifesaver through each potty-training period. We, as it should be, complement one another in areas each of us lack or are not strong in. For he and I, his patience with potty-training is opposite of mine. Therefore, on the harder days of potty-training, he seems to accomplish the feat of getting the child to go potty without any accidents.

Remember, potty training is just as much a stress for your child as it is for you. The child doesn’t understand the concept, but he/she is willing to learn. Don’t give up, mommy, because you and your child will succeed.

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Gates to Heaven

There’s natural rock formation along the Missouri River near Helena, Montana where a person can take a riverboat tour. On the tour, the boat passes through a certain part of it that’s aptly named the Gates of the Mountains. Beautiful place, a must see so if you’ve never been, make it point to visit there in your lifetime! Find information here.

Anyway, on the this tour when going through that certain portion of the rock formations, it brought to mind the gates of Heaven. Now, the picture below is mine and nowhere near as beautiful as the Gates of the Mountains photos that you can find on the Internet, but it also reminded me of the scripture that speaks of the gates of Heaven. I hope you enjoy it 🙂


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Over Coffee Post #3

Hey! How are you doing?

I know, it’s been so long since we last spoke!

Sure, we can grab coffee. There’s a place around the corner.

If we were having coffee right now, the first thing I’d say is it’s been too long.

If we were having coffee right now, I would ask about you and your family. I’d want to know all the details of how you are doing.

If we were having coffee right now, I’d tell you about the kids and how well that are doing in school as well as how much they like the school they attend. I’d also tell you how excited we are that we are able to keep them in the Catholic school where they attend.

If we were having coffee right now, I’d tell you about my day-to-day happenings with the girls that are still to young for school. We try to stay busy with projects around the house.

If we were having coffee right now, I would have to tell you about my most recent out of state trip. New Orleans! Since it’s been so long since we spoke, I’m sure you didn’t even know that I went.

If we were having coffee right now, I would talk to you about starting back to church and getting my life as a wife and mother back on track. It never really derailed, but it was headed in that direction. Thankfully, the Lord has shown me a better way.

If we were having coffee right now, I’d tell you all about my oldest daughter’s diagnosis and what the doctors say about it in regard to what it is exactly and how to proceed in repairing it. I’d fill you in on the doctor’s appointments we’ve had and ones we have left. I’d tell you how thankful I am that her diagnosis isn’t as bad as some people’s, how much of a blessing that it.

If were were having coffee right now, I’d ask your advice on how to proceed forward in a charity project that I’d like to take part in for the area where I live.

If we were having coffee right now, I would happily tell you about the newest addition to our home, our little puppy Ruthie. She’s a mix of chocolate Lab, maybe Blue Healer, and German Short-hair as far as I know, might be more or less. I’m not sure exactly, but I love her to pieces! We’ve had a couple of dogs that I didn’t want to take care of so we got rid of them, but I’m really glad we have her. And I don’t mind take care of her which is possibly credited to only having two kids at home during the day these days as opposed to having 3-6 at home. Plus, the boys are older and are able to help with Ruthie in the evenings when they’re home.

If we were having coffee right now, I’d tell you of the day of sadness yet happiness that looms over me like an ugly, dark, rain cloud that hovers overhead before a nasty storm. My oldest will graduate this year. Although I am excited for him, I’m also a little sad. He’s my baby who’s no longer a baby. I look forward to his graduation, but it also brings some anxiety about his future. Mostly, though, it’s because he’s that much closer to being grown. I’m not ready for that!

If we were having coffee right now, I’d also tell you of his relationship and how much he’s changed over the last year. The girl is one of the sweetest people I know, but they are both young. I pray for them all the time. Honestly, I’d like to see them complete their schooling (college) and make a life together. But, God’s will before mine. He’s knows everything so I trust His plan.

If we were having coffee right now, the ending would be something like: Oh no, look at the time! My goodness, I have to get going…..responsibilities awaiting me. I’m so happy we ran into one another. Thank you for having coffee with me. We will definitely have to get together again soon — me: ridiculously pushing time. Always!


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Strength of the Lord

When life becomes to difficult, I turn to prayer. I find myself praying quite frequently throughout the day regardless, but in the more trying times, I take a few extra moments for prayer. It always brings peace to my heart and mind. Such joy. Such comfort. ♥


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God’s Presence

We may not feel it at all times. Sometimes we may feel broken and abandoned. Sometimes, the sadness and hurt seeps in so deep that we feel so alone, but God is with us Always, especially in these harder moments. We only have to trust in Him, to have faith in Him.


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Teach Children of God’s Love

Every morning my girls and I say morning prayers and every evening we all say prayers together before bed — we try to anyway. Sometimes the boys pray by themselves, but regardless, teaching children praying is extremely important to our family. Their salvation is just as important to me as my own.