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Kids or Puppies….2 or 4 Legged Little Things To Be Loved

My husband and I talked about this.

After our last round with a puppy, we decided on no more animals,


I stopped at a garage sale the other day and magnets (otherwise known as puppies) drew his attention. He brought one over to me as I was looking through some baby clothes for my nephew. She was the cutest little brown puppy and my first response was….

“No, your dad will be mad if we bring that dog home.”

“Oh Mom, please..we can take him to papa’s so he can train him. Papa won’t care because we can train her into a hunting dog.”

“Uh-uh….no way. Your dad will be mad. We already said no more animals.” But she was so soft and furry and brown…… “Well, maybe papa would like a hunting dog…”

Needless to say, we ended up bringing the little snuggle bunny home…


Yes! My husband and I argued over it for 3 days!


She has a home now. I made her a bed out of jean pieces sewn together like a pillowcase and stuffed with some scrap stuffing — got the idea from my father-in-law 😉

Today, I took her in for her shots and she did wonderfully. I also bought her a pink and orange collar 🙂

The kids haven’t been able to leave her alone. She is loved ♥


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