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GoFundMe Account for My Daughter

I am providing a link for a GoFundMe account I have set up for my daughter to help with the cost of going to Mayo Clinic to repair her heart.


She’s a spunky 7 y/o with such enthusiasm for life who likes to dance, enjoys playing with her friend Addie, loves her family, practices rollerskating as much as she can, loves school and learning, definitely acts like the ‘big’ sister that she is while also acting like the ‘little’ sister that she also is.

There’s more to her story here, but the short version is: she was recently diagnosed with having atrial septal defect aka a hole in her heart. Upon her diagnosis, her doctor referred her to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN where the repair procedure can be done. The cost just to get in the door to see the doctor is $5000. We also have to worry about other medical expenses that are not included in that amount as well as travel expense.

I ask you to please take a moment to read about her and her medical condition in more detail. I pray you also consider making a donation, which goes toward the expenses mentioned above.

The link is below:

As always, God bless you (the reader) and thank you for taking the time to read about Lily and her story. Thank you as well for contributing to her medical/travel fund. It’s mean so much to her father and I as well as our children and the rest of her family ♥

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