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Singing God’s Praises

Giving God the Glory for the life He’s given me ♥♥♥


Daily Encourgement, Life in General, Motherhood

Love is…….

Every day, hour, even every minute, there is something in our lives that we should be thankful for. Love is the best thing we can do for anyone.


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GoFundMe Account for My Daughter

I am providing a link for a GoFundMe account I have set up for my daughter to help with the cost of going to Mayo Clinic to repair her heart.


She’s a spunky 7 y/o with such enthusiasm for life who likes to dance, enjoys playing with her friend Addie, loves her family, practices rollerskating as much as she can, loves school and learning, definitely acts like the ‘big’ sister that she is while also acting like the ‘little’ sister that she also is.

There’s more to her story here, but the short version is: she was recently diagnosed with having atrial septal defect aka a hole in her heart. Upon her diagnosis, her doctor referred her to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN where the repair procedure can be done. The cost just to get in the door to see the doctor is $5000. We also have to worry about other medical expenses that are not included in that amount as well as travel expense.

I ask you to please take a moment to read about her and her medical condition in more detail. I pray you also consider making a donation, which goes toward the expenses mentioned above.

The link is below:


As always, God bless you (the reader) and thank you for taking the time to read about Lily and her story. Thank you as well for contributing to her medical/travel fund. It’s mean so much to her father and I as well as our children and the rest of her family ♥

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Generous: The Goodness from Within

Generous: freely giving or sharing money and other valuable things; providing more than the amount that is needed or normal : abundant or ample; showing kindness and concern for others (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

So often in this life,  generosity seems to get lost in the jumble. Families. Jobs. Responsibilities. Unforeseen expenses. Loss of loved ones. Changes in living. And the list goes on.

Life. It just happens.

Before we know it, our worlds can be turned upside down and inside out without ever asking us what we think.


How do remain humble? How do we remain positive? Loving? Supportive? How do we continue to spread the goodness of the Lord?

Through generosity. Through simple acts of kindness.

As has been posted a few different times, my oldest daughter was recently diagnosed with a medical condition that can be repaired through surgery. I ask that you take a moment to read through her story in the following posts and then consider making a donation to the GoFundMe account that is set up for her to aid in costs of medical care and travel expense. The following links provide the details of her ‘condition’ plus her story. My husband and I are grateful for all the prayers that have been offered and will appreciate any donation that is made. You will remain in our prayers for a lifetime. You can find her story hereherehere and here.

If you are willing to make a donation, you can do that with the following link:


My husband and I normally don’t do this sort of thing. We are the kind of people who find our way and don’t ask for much from others. My husband is a hardworking, reliable, giving person. He keeps his word. He fulfills his promises. He is always willing to help others no matter what. I am a stay home mother who focuses on family and God. We love the Lord and we want to see our children grow into good, God-focused, giving adults. In our efforts to help our daughter, we are reaching out to friends, family, and strangers who are willing to help.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and to my followers I thank you for your continued support and encouragement in building my blog.

May you all have a blessed day ♥

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Memories and A Tree

There’s a tree out in the back yard that never has been broken by the wind, and the reason it’s still standing is it’s strong enough to bend — Tanya Tucker

An oldie but a goodie…..

A song from back in my childhood….dead give away to my age 🙂 Ah, but the song brings back good memories. A great song, one that I would sit and replay 100 times or more.

Where I live, I have a long drive to get to town to do any shopping, doctor’s visits, visiting my in-laws, etc. etc. All the many years ago when we bought our current, the one thing I look forward to seeing during every drive into town is (has always been) a big, beautiful tree on the side of the road — even my children know it’s my favorite tree! I have pictures of it, but don’t want to go through my photos at this point. I’ve watched that tree change over the years, but every year I’ve watched in bloom in the springtime. Like me, that tree has aged (although it is older than me!). Like me, that tree has matured over the years. Like me, that tree has hung tough through the storms that have occurred in the past nine years.

When I drive by that tree I am awestruck by the sheer beauty, the unwavering strength, and and its’ ability to withstand all the storms it has endured. The tree reminds me much of my own journey. My husband and I are still going after all of our hardships, ups and downs. We have come through the storms. Like that tree, I pray that our marriage will continue to grow and thrive.


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Kids or Puppies….2 or 4 Legged Little Things To Be Loved

My husband and I talked about this.

After our last round with a puppy, we decided on no more animals,


I stopped at a garage sale the other day and magnets (otherwise known as puppies) drew his attention. He brought one over to me as I was looking through some baby clothes for my nephew. She was the cutest little brown puppy and my first response was….

“No, your dad will be mad if we bring that dog home.”

“Oh Mom, please..we can take him to papa’s so he can train him. Papa won’t care because we can train her into a hunting dog.”

“Uh-uh….no way. Your dad will be mad. We already said no more animals.” But she was so soft and furry and brown…… “Well, maybe papa would like a hunting dog…”

Needless to say, we ended up bringing the little snuggle bunny home…


Yes! My husband and I argued over it for 3 days!


She has a home now. I made her a bed out of jean pieces sewn together like a pillowcase and stuffed with some scrap stuffing — got the idea from my father-in-law 😉

Today, I took her in for her shots and she did wonderfully. I also bought her a pink and orange collar 🙂

The kids haven’t been able to leave her alone. She is loved ♥