Daily Encourgement, Life in General

I Hope You Feel Encouraged!

As I scroll through Facebook, the sadness and despair I see is so disheartening. My heart just breaks at the hate in the world, the hurt to some from others, the confusion, the country divide. I feel angry when stories of pedophiles, rapists, murderers, and so on pop up on my FB feed.

For a little while, I have been in the process of transitioning such hatefulness rampantly spreading across Facebook feeds by deleting or blocking the negativity. I have also made a point to post something positive or encouraging Every. Single. Day. in hopes that it will put on a smile on someone’s face or help heal a broken heart.

To help diminish the negativity in this world (even if only a minuscule part), I’d like to say…..

………this place is only our temporary home.

The place God has promised us is so much better, so much more comforting and has so much more love and light……. So. Much. More. of. Everything.

In His presence, our hearts can be at peace. With Faith, Hope, and Love for this life I’ve been given, you’ve been given, I’d like you to know:

  • You – yes you! – are loved.
  • Nobody can ever replace you. God created you in a unique way. I encourage you to go out there and make your mark on the world in a way that is pleasing to Him.
  • I am praying for your happiness, your peace, your health, and your faith.
  • God Sees You, Hears You, Loves You!
  • You. Are. Beautiful.just as God created you to be, from the inside out.
  • You have much to offer others by way of love. Reach out to them, help them, love them as God loves you.

I hope you have a blessed day.


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