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Celebrating Jesus

As you gather your family to celebrate Christmas, remind them of the beauty of the season.


During my bible study this morning, I read something that made Jesus’ birth register a little differently. Over the last few years, my husband and I have refrained from putting so much stock in buying gifts for our children. Instead, we’ve decided to remind them ourselves the true reason for the season.


It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our own lives.

It’s so easy to find excuses and say tomorrow…..tomorrow will suffice.

It’s so easy to say, “I will read my Bible tonight” or “I will say prayers with the children another evening.” Speaking of prayers and my own guilty actions, it’s our nightly routine to read a story, say our 3 prayers, and sing two songs to the kids before tucking them into their beds. Some nights, when I’m at my wits end and I just want the day to be O-V-E-R, I try to fly through the nighttime routine, limiting the song to one and skipping the story. The worst part of it is, I even limit the prayers to only one. On the extremely hard days, I can walk out their door after “I love you’s” without another thought in anticipation of sinking my weary body and mind into my favorite chair and getting lost in whatever show I can find on TV that grabs my attention. However, on these specific evenings, my heart is full of guilt before I’m even halfway to the door and it’s heavy in my heart that I can…I should!… do it better than that. I find myself backtracking and gathering my children in for round two of the nighttime routine. When I exit the room the 2nd time, everyone’s hearts are at peace.

In the world that we live in today, it’s so easy to forget to love others before ourselves, to let go of anger when anger is justified in our minds, to help those in need when we are struggling in our own lives. It’s easy to put off for later what needs to be done now.

It’s. just. too. easy.

So, in the midst of this Christmas season take an extra moment –or many — to thank God for everything you’ve been blessed with, even those things the world doesn’t normally consider a blessings because in light of those less-than-ideal circumstances and hardships, God is working a miracle in your life that you might not understand for many years, if ever. Remind your children and yourselves what the Christmas season is really about, Jesus’ birthday. As stated from my Bible study this morning, “Imagine I planned a party for you and invited many people. Everyone brings lots of gifts, but the invitees trade presents with one another — and you get nothing, even though the party was meant for you….” Rick Warren Hope of Christmas Devotional. Rather than keep the gifts for ourselves or seek only to further our own lives, direct our attentions and energy on celebrating Jesus through love, through kindness, through teaching others of His love.

God bless you all.

May Jesus be the center of your Christmas season as well as the rest of your life. ♥♥♥



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