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A Sad Day

Wow! I know! It’s been too long since I posted anything….since March of this year.


So much has happened since then!


The focus of this post is…..

What this day turned out to be.

It started on a pretty positive note. My daughter has a birthday coming up so I decided to take her for a painting session as part of her birthday gift. A friend of hers joined us and then afterwards we went for lunch. After lunch, I took them to the park and waited for the little girl’s mother to meet us. From there, we left to come back home.

And that’s where the day turned a little….okay, a lot……crappy.

Once my daughter and I arrived home, I came inside to feed the baby who was crying, ready to nurse. As I walked in the door, one of my sons came from the kitchen and right away, just by the look on his face, I knew something wasn’t right so I asked him what was wrong. He broke into tears when he told me his dog had been run over.

And my heart broke right there in the entryway.

Our family is not really the ‘animal’ people type, but our Ruthie grew on us. My husband and I had decided previously that we weren’t going to get any more dogs because we had already had two and it just didn’t work out. We gave them away to better homes.


One day on our way home, the kids and I stopped at a rummage sale and my son noticed the puppies that were for giveaway and begged me to bring it so maybe his papa would train it for him.

And, against my better judgement……

I gave in.

That was a year ago in August. So our little Ruthie was only 1 year and 2 months this month….


today she died.

It broke my sons heart because she was technically his dog. He’s been the one investing his time in training her. She listened to him. She ran after him. She followed him everywhere.

So, for us who aren’t really ‘animal’ people, today was extremely hard because my sons’ heart got broken and that broke my heart.

He cried.

And cried….

And cried some more.

And to make matters worse, I had absolutely no idea what to say to him to make him feel better.

RIP Miss Ruthie…..Mr. L will sure miss you bunches. Actually, we all will.

June 2017 (774)

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