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A Time for Unbridled Joy

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As my children anxiously await Christmas Day, I am reminded of that excited spirit of my own as a youngster when Christmas Day finally arrived. Not a consistent church going family as a child, I knew of Jesus and that Christmas was His day, but I considered it more for us than for Him. I am thankful that my children know differently, but they also put what they know into practice. Their excitement for Christmas continues to grow as they age and their understanding of Jesus’ s birthday matures.

Sadly, many adults in the world have lost their excitement for Christmas through loss of faith or loss of childhood years (age-wise). They are no longer children with a zest for life. Instead, they are adults with an accumulation of bills, wealth for some, broken-ness (finances and spirit) for others, and a boatload of stress. And still others are just stuck in a I-don’t-want-this-life mindset.

Ladies and gentlemen, as you and your family approach Jesus’ s birthday, look kindly upon strangers, open your hearts to forgiveness of the wrongs against you, and be thankful for whatever life you have not only because the next person may or may not have it worse than you do, but also because our Savior is alive within all of us. We only have to acknowledge Him and allow Him to work in our lives. Remember the reason for the season. Acknowledge it. Love it. Live it. And your excitement for Christmas will return tenfold.

Mine has.

When I gaze upon the tree in our home,  I am in awe of the season. When I witness the love of my family and friends and strangers around me, I am in the presence of Jesus. I couldn’t ask for a better way or reason to be excited.

Merry Christmas


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