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A New Series: Life Moments……Life Moment #1

2017-12-24 22.49.52

Our lives are full of ups and downs, twists and turns, joys and disappointments. These inevitable parts of life can be draining or fulfilling, but with God by your side the moments will seem less draining or more fulfilling. God is with us every second of every hour of every day. No matter how draining a moment may be it is still a moment to be treasured, to be thankful for. In this new series, I hope to encourage others to turn to God and to never give up.

Life moment #1

My husband called me out on something the other day, something that I say that has been irritating to him for years and he yelled at me about it when I said it that day during a phone conversation with him. Much to your chagrin, the ‘what’ doesn’t matter as much as the lesson. Anyway, I don’t take kindly to being yelled at but it was an easy enough fix, I just hung up on him. Feeling justified in my anger at being yelled at, I went through it in my head what I would say to him when he got home.

First, I would let him know how much I dislike being yelled at, which I’ve already done a million and one times. Then I would tell him how mean he is. And then I’d storm away with all my justified anger. I’d probably say a few more things just because. And I would wait, expectantly, for the apology I felt I was owed.


as I was planning all of this in my head,

it suddenly came over me…..

I do, in fact, say the exact kind of stuff that he just yelled at me about.

So now,

I waited, in earnest, for him to walk through the door so I could deliver the apology I owed him.

Which is exactly what I did when he walked in the kitchen a short while later.

Lesson: We cannot change or ‘fix’ others….not our spouses, not our friends, not our children or anyone else, we can only change ourselves and that is only possible with God’s grace, forgiveness, guidance, and love.

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