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Happy and Blessed 2018

Yes, it’s another New Years post! Happy New Year!

And yes, we are celebrating with sparkling cider ๐Ÿ˜Š

2017-12-31 20.47.23

It’s that time, yet again, for all the well-intentioned new years’ resolutions complete with the ever-so-popular weight loss resolutions, new year-new me resolutions, pay-off-my-credit-card resolutions, live-a-debt-free-life resolutions along with a multitude of equally yet totally-reachable goals that somehow never or almost never get met for any number of reasons.

For me, my new years’ resolution is quite simple: to live my life more fully immersed in the life God gave me, to embrace everything He is and everything He created me to be in order to spread the goodness of Him to those around me. My goal is to lead my children, by example, to everlasting life. He affords us many graces, answers many prayers (maybe in the way we want or maybe not), and is always the strength we need to endure the trials we face. His love is unabounding, His forgiveness is an absolute miracle – a miracle that we should not take for granted, and His wisdom is boundless. He only asks us to love Him and to love others as He loves us.

So, as you ring in the new year, as you make your new years’ resolutions remember we are who we are because God created the world. Remember Him in your resolutions. Remember Him in your every day life.

Happy New Year. May you all have a blessed New Year complete with God’s love and promises.

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