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Life Moments #2: the Little Things

My husband likes to grow his beard. I mean Duck Dynasty kind of beard. We’ve been together 13 years and it hasn’t always been like that, only the last few years.

Once he starts growing it, he’ll let it grow for months and I probably nag him about it about half the time.

And then one day…


Just like that he decides to shave and start the process over again.

Well a few months ago, when the weather turned cold, he decided it was time to let it grow.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I don’t particularly care for a full, Duck Dynasty kind of beard.

Yeah, I really don’t.

So anyway, his beard is growing and growing until it’s a full, Duck Dynasty kind of beard…..


until one day…..

He just shaves it all off.

Now as much as I appreciate his clean-shaven face, I feel bad….almost guilty…..when he shaves because I never really know if it’s the teasing/slightly nagging words of his wife or his own choice that leads to his decision to shave.

One day I will learn….

This time, however, we were both enlightened,  so to speak.

We have one daughter who had a complete meltdown. I mean, fist-pounding, high-pitched squealing kind of meltdown. And she let him have it!

She said something and he responded jokingly with, “are you telling me I’m ugly?” as he winked at me. She screamed, “yes. I think you’re ugly.” Mind you, she’s four. She proceeded with her meltdown with, “get some glue to glue your hair back on your face,” just as innocently as you may please, smack dab in the middle of her meltdown.

And then one daughter reacting the exact opposite. She told him she didn’t like all that hair, with her five year old sass, just as matter-of-factly as a any grown-up.

So,  what say you.

We definitely aren’t lacking spirit in our home.

Spirit or shenanigans.

And now we know how, at least two of,  our children feel about facial hair.

Blessed be the little people that surround us.

It’s the little things…….that make our hearts swell 💜💜💜💜