Life in General

Life Moments #3 – It’s Not the Years in Your Life that Count, but the Life in Your Years – Abraham Lincoln

My husband and two of our sons is at their group meeting tonight which is a lock-in at our church. They are members of a group called Troops of St. George which is similar to Boys Scouts. The group gets together at least once a month – fathers and sons – to pray together and to engage in learning skills to be used throughout their life. My hope for them being part of the group is to grow their relationship with God and to continue a life-long commitment to our Savior in what vocation He puts on their hearts.

So, for this evening into some time tomorrow, it is just the girls and I. I appreciate the chance for a little less umm…..I will got with noise…I appreciate the chance for a little less noise, but to be honest, I have a love/strongly dislike relationship with this commitment each month. I love it because, as I said, it’s a chance for my boys and my husband to grow their faith among like-minded individuals (more on that word choice in a moment), but I strongly dislike due to the fact that life seems so unbelievably busy for all of us that it tends to kick our behind most of the time. I sincerely believe my husband and I do not get enough quality time together to talk, to be silly, to relax, heck to even sleep decently most of the time. However, it is a sacrifice I am willing, albeit grudgingly sometimes, to make. In the end, their faith is an important matter.

Now as for my word choice mentioned above: like-minded individuals……People are all different. I do not have any prejudices and I hope my boys can be the light that brings others to God. However, I want for my children to devote their life to God in whatever vocation he puts in their heart. We, as Christians, have a responsibility to (1) live as God is asking us to live and (2) witness through our words and actions to others. With that said, having the influence of like-minded peers encourages us to stay strong in our faith. Therefore, these meetings once a month are surely a blessing to our family,  in more ways than one.

Another blessing from the meetings is the chance for me to spend time with my four girls, bonding and learning of our own. They are young, the oldest is eight and the youngest just six months. We aren’t part of a group as of yet , but maybe sometime in the future. No matter though because we can still grow our faith.

Right now my husband and I are spending the oh-so-very-important quality time with our little ones, setting the foundation of what’s most important in this life: faith. For that, we are grateful.

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