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A Great BIG Uh-Oh

How many of you mothers and fathers out there act like the tooth fairy when your precious child loses a tooth?

We do!

Personally, we play Santa, the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy.

Recently, my 5yo lost a tooth and placed it under her pillow. I like to have the kids put their tooth in a little plastic baggie so it doesn’t get lost. I also like them to put it on the bedside stand so it’s not too hard for the tooth fairy  to retrieve.

So, she did all the above.

However, the tooth fairy did a BIG oops!

Mommy forgot to take the tooth and put the dollar in the plastic baggie.

My daughter, sometime in the night, made a pallet beside our bed. When I got up this morning to get her up for school, I saw that tooth baggie on the bedside stand. Right at the moment I saw it, she walked over to it and looked at it.

Her face fell and she just quietly laid down on her bed.

At that point, I tried sneakily to grab the tooth baggie and put a dollar in its’ place, but out of the corner of her eye, I believe she saw me. She still hadn’t said anything. I asked her to get up to get ready for school and she did, looking all down and stuff. I asked her what was wrong and she said something about her tooth. I told her to look where her tooth is/was. She found the dollar, still disheartened.

As she stood before me, still disheartened, I asked her again what was wrong. She went on to tell me that the tooth fairy didn’t come, that dad had her tooth and she wanted it back.

Long story short, I convinced her that the tooth fairy had come and she had the dollar to prove it. She still wasn’t convinced so I told her if the tooth fairy didn’t come then she had to give the dollar back. Well, she then decided, skeptically I might add, the tooth fairy had her tooth and she was keeping the dollar.

I am totally unconvinced that my little fabricated story holds any weight with her. She’s one smart cookie which is either my bad luck or her good fortune, maybe both.

Anyway, at what ‘old’ is too old to keep encouraging belief in Santa, Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy?

I mean, I want my children to be honest at all times, but if we are constantly encouraging belief in something that is not real, aren’t we, in fact, lying to them… essence, teaching them to lie?

My sisters and I grew up believing in all these things and we are no worse for wear, but…….

We have taught them that Saint Nick is real, but just not as he is taught to be in society. They know eggs do not come from an Easter bunny, but the Easter bunny brings eggs and Easter snacks every year.

All of my young children believe with a little bit of skepticism.

Maybe I worry too much……


Smiles to you and Happy Parenting!

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