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Life Moment #11 – Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion….Applied Where?

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Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion

—Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Yes, it says motion.

However, after some contemplation, this law applies to interaction between human beings, otherwise known as karma or pay it forward or ‘what comes around goes around.’

Is there any truth in it?

Does it mean if person A does this then it will result in this or that happening to person B?

Who knows?

What I do know or somewhat certain about is this: if we practice acts of kindness, it may very well be the difference in someone’s life….a life that potentially ended with self-harm.

What is tbe ultimate sacrifice?

— To give one’s life for another.

We see it with our polupo officers and our soldiers every day.

The world is full of theory….this theory or that theory and on it goes.

However, generally speaking, we get out of life what we put into it.

So, what does that mean?

One example – treatment of others. What is going to happen to those you livl most if you treat them poorly. Tbey will, in all probability, leave…go away from you.

We makw chouces every day to walj away from things that bring us down. We may decide at a later time that forgiveness is necessary and try rebuilding the relationship.

Unfortunayely, some choose a more drastic approach because their pain is just to much to bear and felt there was no other way out of the darkness that surrounds them.

Friends —

Think long and hard about your actions and words toward the people you love. Hardness of heart is the true evil as it stunts the growth of your relationships. Beware of the evil. Practice kindness, selflessness, humility, and love.

In the end, we are accountable for the ugliness in our hearts. We are accountable for OUR actions and OUR words. We can ONLY control ourselves. We cannot control others. Mind your tendency to control.




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