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My Darry-barry

2018-06-30 17.09.55

It’s been forty-four days since you went to Heaven, the worst forty-four days of my life.

I think of you all the time. I visit your grave almost daily.

And I keep asking why, hoping for answer.

One never comes. I still don’t know why and maybe I never will.

But I ask anyway. I’m sure I will continue to ask.

To honor your memory, here are a few of my memories with you:

1. I love you bunches and bunches

2. ‘you’re my bestest Darren in the whole big world.’ ‘mom, I’m your only Darren.’

3. I loved your long fingers. I would sit beside you just holding your hand and looking at your fingers.

4. Watching you toss the football with your brothers…..the very last time you did that, I tossed it around too….only one time and we laughed because I couldn’t throw it even half as far as you or Dylan.

5. Meeting your teacher at Custer Elementary….Ms. Cordova….she was your favorite teacher and you exhibited such excitement when you spoke of her!

6. The times at the lake when you and Dylan had jumping contests off the dock. I loved taking the pictures mid-jump.

7. the time when you were not even two yet and I had just given you and Dylan a bath. I had yall wrapped in a towel and both running in the hallway. You had a mess of blond curls and the biggest, happiest smile on your face.

So many good memories of you Darren. I miss you so much. A little piece of my heart is missing. I love you buddy. I hope you know that you’re in my thoughts every day.

Love Mom


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