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Life Moments #14 – One Day at a Time


I had to run down to the truck-stop this morning for milk. On my way back, I drove upon a mother and her 11ish/yo children who needed a ride. Their vehicle was about 50 feet up the rode so they were walking. I offered them a ride so back down to the truck-stop I went. As I drove by their car on my second return trip from the truck-stop, I noticed a bumper sticker on her car

One day at a time

Truer words have never been spoken – or written in this case.

Since my son passed away, fifty-two heart-wrenching days ago, that’s been my motto.

I awake in the morning after a crappy night’s sleep, it’s

One day at a time……..

I manage to work myself through my day, with little patience and antsy children, it’s

One day at a time……..

After a long day of tears, ups and downs, emotions all over the place, it’s

One day at a time……..

When people call or I run into someone and I am asked how I’m doing, it’s

One day at a time……..

Sadly, that’s my story now, and for who knows how long, it’s just…..

One day at a time………

As I read that bumper sticker on my way by, I began to wonder:

What’s her story?

I remembered the conversation I had with her on that short drive, we spoke of accents, whereabouts we hang our hats, so to speak…..she’s from the south and I could tell it as soon as she spoke. She left her home due to an abusive relationship and here she landed.

It’s crazy where our walks of life will take us. It’s crazy the people we can meet on our journey’s.

Today, as I go through my day, half-here and half-somewhere else, I will remember those words and how there is a story behind each one. Everyone has a story.

And maybe….

just maybe…..

We should take the time to listen to another’s story. It might just put our own story into perspective.

I grieve for my Darren. I grieve for who he was when he died and for the man he would have been.

I grieve for the life he had and for the life he was robbed of.

I grieve everything where he’s concerned because now we are here without him.

My heart is heavy and every day I wake up, I try fitfully to get through my day without dropping into a crying heap on the floor.

I miss him. I love him. And I think of him every single day, but that’s my story.

Who’s story can I hear today?



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