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An Open Letter to My Granddaughter’s Mommy…..the Woman My Son Loves


You must be something pretty special to him because he’s a different person with you. You make him happier than I’ve ever seen. You are a beautiful young lady, but your heart and soul are what shine. You are a keeper.

My dreams for him have always been simple.


I believe he can be or do anything he sets his heart on. I’ve always told him he could do or be anything he wanted, but to always choose happiness. Money is important, but it’s not most important.

You make him happy.

And that makes me happy.

As you and he embark on this incredible journey known as parent-hood, cling to one another. If I’ve learned anything in my parenting years, it’s that children need both parents. Please remember that.

As you complete this journey through your pregnancy, the journey that is going to make you a mom, treasure it. Treasure each and every uneventful, nauseous-filled day because the fruits of that labor will soon be snuggled into your arms.

You’re slowly going through each milestone of pregnancy: the sickness, the tiredness, the check-ups, the ultrasounds, hearing the heartbeat, and finding out what you will be having. Now as you ease into the latter part of your second trimester, your tummy will begin to grow and you will start to show. You may start to feel a little more energetic and not quite so sick. And then you will be in your third trimester, probably getting antsy-er by the day for the impending arrival of your beautiful little bundle of joy. By this time, you’ve carried her for nine long, sleep-depriving, sick months and you’re ready to hold her.

Well, I say…..

Hold her.

Snuggle her.

Breathe in her scent.

Get to know your daughter and give her all of who you are and let him do the same. Remember, she will need you both.

And please, neither one of you, ever use her against the other. It will destroy her. It will destroy her self-esteem. It will destroy every ounce of trust that she has built. It will destroy the love she has for both of you.

You and he are her security. You and he are her whole world. Her comfort. Her protection. Her providers.

I hope for so much for this beautiful little family being created. I want what’s best for all of you even if it’s completely different from yours. Please know that I am here for you, for him, and for baby always. I love you, I love my son, and I love that baby girl. I cannot wait to meet her.

I will be mimi, you will be mommy.

I will never intrude on that.

I will never tell you how to do it.

I will never try to make you the mommy I think you should be because you will be the exact mommy that she needs you to be.

I will help you whenever you ask.

I will love her like she’s something special because she is.

I will be around as much or as a little as you need or want me to be.

And I will love you more every day.

You are special to me because of who you are, not because of who he is.

Thank you for loving my son and thank you for blessing our family with our first grand-baby ♥♥♥.

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