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Life Moments #45 – Tell Me I Was Dreaming…..

My favorite music is country music. Most of the time, if I am listening to music, that’s the station I have on….Country. Some how, there’s always a song that will go along with any mood. Yes, I know all the silly comments about country music and dogs and wives, etc. etc. I know it’s not the most popular genre of music, but it’s my favorite.

Anywho, there’s a song by an artist that was pretty popular when I was growing up…..

Tell Me I Was Dreaming by Travis Tritt

That tends to fit my life for the last almost five months. When I heard about my son, I wanted to believe it was a dream…..and I still wish it was. Every single day.

So, with that said, please tell me I have been in the middle of a nightmare for the last five months and please wake me up.

I know. I know, Unfortunately, I know….there is no waking up from this nightmare.

My son is gone. Forever…..

So, if I must dream now, let them be good dreams.

I pray each night that I will dream of my Darren. Pictures of him surround me. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, he shared a hobby of mine: photography. One of my favorite photos that he took sits on my nightstand:


It’s not the best quality as it was, but definitely not as seen above. That’s a picture of the picture in a frame. To see the actual picture out of the frame is much better.

But it doesn’t matter to me. The quality of the photo doesn’t matter. What matters is that he was with his three best friends. Amigos. Buddies. Pals. Bros. No matter what you call it, it all means the same.

They stood, facing the setting sun so bright before them. And he seems to relaxed. So free.

And that’s how I want to remember him. I don’t want to think of his broken heart. I don’t want to recall the tears he shed. I don’t want to picture the sadness I seen in his eyes.

But I do. I see it all.

And my heart breaks one more time every time I see those particular memories.

So, please tell me I’ve been dreaming…..

~ Shannon

1 thought on “Life Moments #45 – Tell Me I Was Dreaming…..”

  1. Darren, was beautiful💙! I may not always come up with the right words but his pictures spoke volumes. During this time, all the preparation for Christmas, to say the least, it’s going to be difficult. He will not be here to take pictures with. The last cherished Christmas was of him sitting in front of the Christmas tree, thankfully, I seen him., And so thankful, the pictures were taken, as that is a memory I will have forever.


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