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Life Moments #47 – All the Brokenness

I look around me to see all the brokenness.

Broken homes.

Broken hearts.

Broken spirits.

It’s a broken world we live in and it’s scary.

People speak of rights: personal rights, civil rights, basic human rights, universal rights and the perceived list of rights goes on. Perceived because everyone has their own version of what’s right. Some people’s version align with others and so on and so forth. We fight for the right to choose what we believe in. We fight for the right to enjoy life how we see fit. We fight for the right to choose what gender we are. We fight for the right to bear arms and to what school our child will attend. We fit for this and we fight for that.

Are we wrong to fight for or against one right or another? No, not really. But, in the end, what are we really fighting and what right are we really possessing? Yes, I know the arguments: freedom of speech, right to protect ourselves and our loved ones, right to education, right to be liberated or not, right to choose life or not…..

Take a wife for instance: doesn’t she have a right to feel safe in her home? Well, sure she does. A husband, a wife, and a child all have the right to feel safe in their home. Does a child have the right to express himself without fear of reprisal or degradation from those he loves? Certainly. Does a husband have the right to sit in his home, enjoying his coffee, and his peace? Of course. However, each of these rights stems off one very important, but often overlooked basic principal: Respect.

We, as humans, have lost the ability to respect other humans. We often take the guarded, but misinformed stance of

I will give respect when I get respect.

Lack of respect for oneself and for others has surely led us into the self-serving abyss that we now live in, not to mention the lack of morals, lack of integrity, and over-abundance of uneducated liberalism that has become so prevalent. The respect we give another is not based on merit or whether the individual has earned it. We give respect because we are all God’s children and for that reason alone, everyone should be shown respect. It’s our human nature to rely on the ‘you want respect then earn it’ theory. However, human nature fails. A lot.

Suffice to say: We do not live in a free-for-all world.

However, what we lack the most, but need the most is Love.


We love others because God loved us. We don’t have to agree with everyone. We don’t have to accept their choices. We don’t have to see the world as another sees it, but we are called to Love.

And love requires selflessness.

Ahh, it’s a hard world we live in and it’s only getting harder.

~ Shannon ~


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