Life in General

Life Moments #66 – He’s Everywhere, but Here with Us

It’s that time of year again….

That time we all wait for, long for, get impatient for…..


Bikes and ballgames.

Campfires and carnival rides.

4th of July and fireworks….

So much entertainment in the summer.

So many more activities to enjoy.

And what’s a favorite among the summer season…


Where I live, there is a lot of road construction in progress.

A much needed, but very frustrating improvement.

It’s a pain, to say the least.

So, while driving recently, I was driving in a non-congested area where the double-lane highway was actually still usable. I went to switch lanes, but as I checked my mirrors, I saw the motorcycle cross into my lane to pass the vehicle in front of him and if I moved over I would end of hitting him so I reduced my speed and let him pass and switch lanes before me. As he passed me into the other lane, a distressing thought occurred to me…..what if I’d hit the motorcyclist?

I get frustrated with motorcyclists, not because I have an issue with sharing the road with them – I love motorcycles! I get frustrated because of how everyone jumps on the bandwagon about watching for motorcyclists. Mind you, we should keep our eyes peeled for two-wheeled transportation. However, sometimes these motorcyclists are just as, if not more so, reckless than drivers in four-wheeled vehicles. Motorcyclists have just as much responsibility to be attentive drivers as any other driver.

It doesn’t always seem as such, unfortunately.

So that’s my rant of the day..and it’s over.

Back to the motorcycle…..after the motorcyclists passed me and got back into the other lane, I proceeded to make my lane switch. After the initial distressing question that popped into my mind, my next thought was Darren – my son who passed away last spring/summer.

Darren, shortly after he got his bike.

When I thought of him, my next reaction/thought was — I’m glad I saw the motorcycle well ahead of time because had I hit him, his family would have been in the place I’m in now…pure and utter darkness, confusion and heartbreak. And then I thought that it could have been Darren. Yes, Darren is already gone, but a motorcycle/car collision could have happened to him at anytime while he was riding his bike.

It doesn’t seem to matter what I am doing, thoughts of Darren can pop up at anytime.

I miss him a ton.

My son didn’t die in a motorcycle accident, but with summer here, let’s watch out for motorcyclists as each one is someone else’s father, mother, son, daughter, or sibling.

And loss is loss. It’s not something I wish on even my worst enemy.

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