Life in General

Life Moments #70 — Not Everyone is Oblivious to Their Surroundings

I admit it. I am totally not a detail person most of the time. My husband pays attention to E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

And I am simply not like that. I am very detailed when I am planning something or when it comes to specific things that I am focused on. Nothing specific at the moment, but specific in the moment, if that makes any sense..,,,

Anywho, I have my son’s name on my license plate. I have never been one to really care much for vanity plates, but when he died, it was something that was important to me. So, DARREN is my license plate.

Just recently, I was visiting a friend and a friend of my friend came up and said, “Who’s Darren? You’re not Darren….”

My friend told his friend who it was just as I turned away with tears rolling down my cheeks. Not offended or angry about the question, it was quite literally a harmless question, but I was stunned. When he asked, it threw me for a loop. I totally was not expecting the question. I mean, it came out of nowhere. After he was told who Darren was, he gave his condolences and I accepted as we most often do. Again, I was not offended in any way, just caught way off guard.

I’ve had the plates on my van for a little while now and I am just so used to it being that way so I don’t really think much about it. I did the vanity plates for me, as a memorial to my son. I didn’t do it for anyone else.

Either way, the question stunned me, but at the same time, made me feel …….good?!? I will never forget my son. It’s a big fear of mine that other people will, that other people will move on in their lives like he never existed. And I expect that they will eventually, if not already, but not me. I am glad someone noticed the license plate for no reason at all other than paying attention.

The question stunned me, completely threw me off kilter, but I appreciate that I was asked.

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