Nice To Meet You

Large family of 10 where the adults are obviously outnumbered by the children. Some days are hard, some days are funny, some days are sad, some are stressful, but they are all full love and encouragement Cool

Staying at home is always rewarding, sometimes draining and exhausting, but never dull. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I will stay home as long as our finances allow me to do so. I believe children need their parents. With God’s help, I can give that to our children.

As the Bible states,

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

~Philippians 4:13~


Trying to get a family photo takes a miracle! Here, my husband and I in the middle surrounded by our 8 wonderful children: our oldest on the far top right who is 17, the boy immediately to the left is the second born of twins and they are 10, the one next to him is 12, and then comes the 15 year old. Next comes the first born of our twins (obviously he’s 10 also) seated beside my husband who is holding our oldest daughter 6 going on 15, with my soon-to-be 4 year old in my lap (she’s the rowdy one 😉 ) and the one that decided it was time to leave is my feisty almost 3 year old. One BIG happy family!

We are blessed!

The road to where I am was a long, bumpy one. My first child came before I was old enough to know what mothering was actually about, but I welcomed him to the best of my abilities. Before I started taking an active role in my future, I had a couple more children. Beings I was such a young mom with absolutely no life experience, I stumbled through those first few years of motherhood only to learn, we stumble through 18 years of parenthood because there is no right way to be a parent. Through a couple of broken relationships, I finally found the love of my life and we’ve been together for 12 years and blessed with our 5 children. My husband is a great man that fell just as much in love with my kids as he did with me. We’ve endured our own marital trials and triumphs, but choose to keep pulling together and relying on God to help us through.

Other than family, which is ONE of the BIGGEST parts of who I am, I am also a firm believer in peace, love, kindness, and constantly improving who I am. The other HUGE part of who I am is my belief in our Savior. This is somewhat new to me and I work at it every day. I didn’t grow up in any church and my husband and I didn’t attend church regularly in the early years of our relationship. Over the course of our years together, I have slowly learned about the Lord and will continue to do so. I have come to depend on the Lord for my strength.

I have also realized that although I have only actively turned to God within the last couple of years, He’s been there with me through all of the pains. He’s saved us from more than we have deserved. Through the daily struggles of raising 6 children under the age of 10 (now they are a little older, 3-12) plus two teenagers, family chaos, and other personal factors concerning our family, He’s been the constant, even in my blindness to Him. Life has gotten a little easier in some respects, but not so much in others.

I generally believe the best in people until I am given reason not to. This is where the Lord steps in because in those moments when the negative beliefs start to shine, He is there to lead me back.

It’s a daily walk with the Lord considering I am human and don’t always want to do what’s right according to scripture. However, I keep striving.

Join our family in the midst of our life struggles, joys, failures and triumphs. We are by no means perfect, but we strive daily to be what God has asked us to be. That’s where blogging comes in… my constant drive to improve myself in the three most vital areas of my life (God, wife, mother), blogging (mine and reading others) reminds me that I am not alone. There are women across the globe who endure these same struggles as a mother and wife.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy our stories, gain wisdom from our experiences, and find the strength you have been blessed with. ♥




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