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Marriage Quotes

I did a boo-boo. I didn’t post Day 2’s quotes until really late last night or super early this morning so Day 2 and Day 3 are going to coincide. Now, that I confessed to that….moving on.

June is a good month, a great month actually. My youngest daughter was born in this month and this is the month I got married oh so many or so few years ago, depending on how you look at it. To newlyweds it might be a long time, but to those that have been married for a couple decades, it’s a short time 🙂

So in honor of our anniversary month and the birthday of my youngest child, my quotes will center on those two things. And since I failed to make a birthday tribute to my smiling, happy little girl, I will honor her with a quote just for her. But, the highest honor here goes to the Lord as He is the reason I have been so blessed.

Quote #1 focuses on the many different ways we can receive grace from God to endure or sustain our lives.

I asked for strength…And God gave me difficulties to make me strong. I asked for wisdom…And God gave me problems to solve. I asked for prosperity…And God gave me a brain and energy to work. I asked for courage…And God gave me danger to overcome. I asked for love…And God gave me troubled people to help. I asked for favors…And God gave me opportunities. I received nothing I wanted, but I received everything I needed. – Unknown

Quote #2 as promised, goes to my husband. I once said that you’d probably hear much about him as he is the part that makes me whole. I will forever be thankful for God’s help in bringing us together. And I want to do whatever I can to help him to be the very best that he can be.

A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones. – Proverbs 12:4

Quote #3 is to honor my beautiful, happy, smiling, loving, tow-headed, lively 3 y/o whom fills that space in my heart that only she can fill. Nobody else would suffice in the space reserved just for her. But, that same sentiment applies to all 8 of my children. She, as with each of her siblings, has taught me many things about being a mother. I am grateful for each of them.

Her Smile makes me smile. Her laugh is infectious. Her heart is pure and true. Above all, I love that she is my daughter. – Unknown

And that’s a wrap for the 3 day 3 a day quote challenge. As always, I hope the words have encouraged someone. My words (or borrowed quotes in these 3 days) were meant to focus on the goodness I have been blessed with, and I am confident that it helped others as well. In my heart, I know that we can’t ever hear (or read as the case may be) too much encouragement. Remembering to pull together, to reach out to others to help lift them up is the best way to create a world of kindness and love.

In my final words for this challenge, I’d like to nominate:

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And once more, many thanks to Good, Beautiful and True for the nomination to challenge. I really did enjoy it. Searching for the perfect quotes was very inspiring and rewarding. There so much to life, to God that gets skipped, ignored, or forgotten. It’s refreshing to recognize the goodness that surrounds us.

Don’t worry my nominees, if you don’t want to take part in this challenge, don’t fret. It’s not required, but it is highly encouraged.

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday afternoon. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


Daily Encourgement, Life in General, Motherhood, Wifehood

Meaningful Quotes

Okay, Day 2 of the 3 day 3 a day Quote Challenge. I know! It’s so terribly late. I’m sorry I didn’t post sooner, but I really have been busy. My children and I enjoyed an annual hunt for treasure troves — a highway sale that begins at one end of the highway and continues down the highway about 70 miles, maybe more — then we became last minute participants in this highway sale by setting up our own quickly put together sale (the kids did anyway) and then my oldest son and his girlfriend arrived so I spent the rest of the afternoon visiting with them.

It was an awesome day!

And since God is always so good to his children (me, you, every single person alive), then He will get the glory for this day as well as the first recognition here. But before I start with my encouraging, uplifting quotes for Day 2, I would again like to thank Good, Beautiful and True for the 3 day quote challenge nomination. Anytime she makes a comment, she’s always positive and encouraging which, if you haven’t heard me say already, the world needs more of.

Quote #1 is attributed to all of God’s goodness, never-ending love, and unfailing forgiveness. Having a faith outside of myself is the best thing I can do for my husband, my children, the world around me, and for myself.

The will of God will never take you, where the grace of God cannot keep you. So trust and believe in God without a doubt. – unknown –

Quote #2 focuses on life. Life isn’t easy, but it’s well worth it. It’s about trusting something bigger than myself. By doing so, my eyes open to a completely different view. My fear is present. My doubts weigh heavy on my mind. And my heart gets broken, but my faith keeps me going. Living His love and spreading His goodness is what I must do.

Take wrong turns. Talk to strangers. Open unmarked doors. And if you see a group of people in a field, go find out what they are doing. Do things without always knowing how they’ll turn out. – Randall Munroe –

Quote #3 is all about summer for no other reason that it’s my most favorite season. What more can I say than that. I am one of those whose emotions are in cahoots with the seasons. Winters bring the doldrums and summer brings the excitement. Fall is a welcome distraction until the winter comes again. Happy summer!

Hey, that’s the way we do it
New friends and blue skies that never end
Hey, that’s the way we like it
Good times, sunshine and summertime
-Faith Hill –

More awesome quotes to encourage and inspire! If you’re reading, I hope these quotes have somehow brought you a smile, a kind thought, or made you feel better about something in some way.

Today’s 3 nominees are:

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I have to be honest, I am a little unsure of the rules in regards to number of followers for this challenge so if any of my nominees have surpassed that number (if any required), then please accept my apologies. However, I do want everyone to know that the nominees each have something good to offer the blogging community and are well-worth the nomination. So again, my most sincere apologies.

For the nominees: Please don’t feel obligated to participate if this isn’t your thing. It’s fun and I do encourage it, but it’s not required.


Daily Encourgement, Life in General, Motherhood, Wifehood

Family Quotations

I am so excited! I have been nominated to do the 3 day quote challenge and I think it’s going to be tons of fun. I love quotes because they so eloquently put into words exactly what I am thinking or feeling at any given moment, much like a song.

Since family is so incredibly important to me, today’s quotes will focus around family. Words are used as encouragement, to express most any emotion, and to just hold conversation. They can build a person up, tear a person down, and can have connotations beyond the understanding of some while others catch the meaning rather quickly.

Before I start with today’s quotes, I’d like to thank Good, Beautiful and True for the nomination. When I got it in my inbox this afternoon, I was super excited! Good, Beautiful, and True is a very inspiring blog that focuses on incorporating fitness into her life along with her family and her faith. Again, thank you for the nomination.

Without further ado, here are my 3 quotes of the day:

As I said, since our lives are led by God and we live in a Christ centered home, my first quote goes to God. Without him, nothing in our life is possible.

God is in the sadness and the laughter, in the bitter and the sweet. There is a divine purpose behind everything — and therefore a divine presence in everything. – Neale Donald Walsch

Beyond God, family is the most important thing in my life and since I happen to be a wife, my husband is the focus here. He’s my friend, my lover, my childrens’ father, and the leader of our home.

A home with a loving and loyal husband and wife is the supreme setting in which children can be reared in love and righteousness and in which the spiritual and physical needs of children can be met. – David A. Bednar

My vocation as a mother is what takes up most my time and as to be expected, the kids get all of my attention during the day. So, this quote if for them.

We aren’t perfect people, but with the grace God supplies, we’re doing our best to raise our children in an atmosphere that is heavily seasoned with grace, mercy, compassion, structure, wisdom and love that we believe find their source in Christ. – John Stange

Such words of wisdom and truth that encourage me to be the best I can be in each of these areas: Child of God, Wife, and Mother.

My 3 nominations for today are:

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Side note to the nominees: Please don’t feel obligated to participate if this isn’t your thing. It’s fun, but not required.