Why I Love My Husband

Every day I am thankful that God blessed me with such a wonderful husband. Yes we argue, yes we disagree and yes we love. We do all of these and much more with enough passion for a lifetime. I pray that I get to spend a lifetime with him.

I love him because…….

  1. he’s my friend and a very good one
  2. he’s a wonderful father to our children that we created as well as the ones that came with me when I met him
  3. he makes me laugh
  4. he makes me cry
  5. he makes me want to be and motivates me to be a better person
  6. he is caring
  7. he is honest
  8. when he holds me I feel safe
  9. he keeps me grounded
  10. he gives me space when I need it
  11. he is there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on
  12. he lets me be me
  13. he works hard
  14. he’s devoted to his family
  15. he’s confident
  16. he wants me to be happy
  17. of his intelligence
  18. of his silly quirks
  19. he is just as passionate as I am: this creates a lot of chaos in our home, but it’s worth it
  20. of his strength
  21. he’s hardworking
  22. he works daily to improve his faith in God
  23. of his appreciation for everything
  24. he’s outdoorsy and good with his hands
  25. he’s dependable
  26. how he confides in me
  27. that he doesn’t show weakness, but every once in awhile I will catch a glimpse of weakness. It makes my heart melt
  28. of how comfortable he makes me feel in my own skin
  29. of the way he looks at me in moments of my own weaknesses
  30. of how easily he can surprise me
  31. of how he plays with our children
  32. of how, in the middle of the night, the kids climb into our bed and he snuggles right in with them
  33. of how he looked at me on our wedding day
  34. of how he, without thinking about it, grabs my hand when were driving down the road
  35. he accepted my family before we even got together
  36. he loves me even when I’m unloveable
  37.  he can cook and will most of the time
  38. he will help around the house without me asking
  39. he’s not afraid to show his love
  40. he’s not shallow or superficial
  41. he’s not racist or closeminded
  42. he’s thoughtful
  43. he’s always willing to help another
  44. he’s friendly and outgoing
  45. he likes to travel
  46. he takes time for little things in life
  47. of how much he’s taught me about life and, in the process, about myself
  48. he doesn’t give up
  49. he’s good at fixing things
  50. he’s sexy when he gets off work and all dirty from work
  51. of his strong hands
  52. of the new experiences I have shared with him.
  53. how he makes me feel so important in his life
  54. he makes our children feel happy and loved
  55. he’s faithful
  56. he’s knows how to be a real man
  57. he makes me feel excited to see him
  58. he gives even when I don’t deserve it
  59. he is not afraid to take risks
  60. his determination and convictions
  61. he puts up with my craziness
  62. he opened up a whole new world to me
  63. he is a friend to anyone
  64. he chose me and sticks with me in the most trying times
  65. his sense of responsibility and honor
  66. I trust him completely
  67. he’s a good motivator for me
  68. when he’s home in the mornings, he’ll let me sleep while he gets the kids off to school
  69. he compliments my cooking, even when it sucks
  70. we have created a good life together
  71. he thinks family is important
  72. he is good with money
  73. we can be weird together and it’s okay
  74. he enjoys talking
  75. he’s a people person
  76. he’s my rock
  77. he makes me feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations
  78. he’s not afraid to show when he’s angry
  79. he doesn’t let anyone push him around (physically or otherwise)
  80. when we first met, he’d come to my house and draw pictures of trucks with my boys
  81. we go places together that we’ve never been
  82. he keeps things interesting in our family
  83. he loves being a daddy
  84. he’s protective
  85. he’s not mean or judgmental
  86. he has a beautiful heart
  87. he’s respectful
  88. his laughter is infectious
  89. he always puts us before himself
  90. he calls me the moment something happens, good or bad
  91. he is my best friend
  92. he’s a likable person, he’s easy to be friends with
  93. he’s a great son, brother, father, and husband
  94. he makes sure we have everything we need and more, always
  95. he’s opinionated
  96. he’s creative
  97. he has a better memory than I do, it sucks sometimes but more often than not, it’s a God-send
  98. he never takes advantage of other people
  99. he doesn’t fight with other people, even though sometimes he has reason enough. we disagree and argue, but he will not do it with other people.
  100. that he was my friend first.

There are so many reasons I love him and I could list hundreds of things more, but I won’t. He’s my friend, my lover, my children’s father and step-father. He is someone I appreciate and he’s my husband. What more could I possibly ask for? It’s a wonderful life Cool