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One Warm Coat

In light of the Christmas season, my family decided to become part of a charity known as OneWarmCoat. We are asking for anyone and everyone to donate winter clothing throughout the month of December. In life, we are taught to give, to share, to show kindness. We are taught through our Savior to give willingly for many reasons, but the reason I like best is because of Love.


Give generously to him and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to. ~Dueteronomy 15:10

Although, my family is accepting donations throughout the month of December, we scheduled a one day donation drop off point offering cookies, hot chocolate or coffee to anyone who donated on that scheduled day.

Unfortunately, the turn-out was pretty poor. Only a couple of people brought donations, which was somewhat of a discouragement to me. I feel blessed for the kindness of these two families. After praying about the lack of giving, I am refreshed in knowing that God is working in our lives and goodness will prevail.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

With happiness, I am hoping to schedule another day in January in a bigger city so maybe we will get closer to our goal of 100 coats. A BIG thank you to the two families that donated. Please know that your donations are a blessing and so are each one of you. @onewarmcoat #warmamillion #igavewarmth


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Helping Others

Wintertime is upon us….

Actually, we were welcomed into the beautiful season of winter very heartily by Mother Nature this morning.


Not a big fan of winter, but alas, it arrives every year despite my feelings 🙂

With a little joy and little anxiety, I’d like to say, “Welcome Old Man Winter!”



Hats. Scarves. Gloves.

Heavy winter jackets.

Sledding and hot cocoa.

Snow angels and snow balls.

Wet hands and  cold toes.

Snow tracked into the house. Constantly.

And white as far as the eye can see.

To spread God’s love to all around us, we try to help others as much as we can. With winter making its’ presence known –at least 4″ already– winter gear is a must.  In order to help, my children and I are holding a winter coat drive in our area. We are accepting clean, gently worn winter wear of all types and sizes (coats, gloves, hats, scarves, etc.) that will provide warmth to people who need a coat free of charge.


If interested in more information of drop-off locations and times, please contact me

God bless you all. Happy Monday!


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Beatitudes Post #8

Alas, we have come to the last Beatitude. Before introducing it, I would first like to say thank you for all who have followed the postings. I hope they have, in some way, helped or encouraged another.

Without further ado, Beatitude #8

Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

By living a life devoted to God and doing His good works, He promises life ever-after in His kingdom. Doing good is not the ticket to heaven, but through belief and faith in Him one wants to do good, feels heavily laden to do right by God and His people. When doing for God just for the sake of doing for God, because He is asking us to do good, He sees that selflessness. He sees the humility, the love that He teaches. Our devotion to Him is present in our actions to, for, and against others. When one is willing to die for belief in God, He will recognize that. As simple, yet hard as that devotion is, that’s really all He’s asking.

As always, comments are encouraged and welcomed. If you follow me, thank you. If you don’t then I hope you start. If you choose to ignore, that’s acceptable, too. However, if you feel lost when reading, don’t worry. The previous links are found below.

As always, I hope you have a wonderful, blessed day.


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Beatitudes Post #7

Almost the last one! How sad I am!

The best book that one can own is the Good Book, the Bible. Everything you need to know about life is written within the confines of that Book and this includes the 8 Beatitudes that this series focuses on.

So, with only one more to go after this one, here’s Beatitude #7

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.

I believe this is one pretty clear. God is ALL ABOUT LOVE and PEACE is surely a representation of the Love that God is and that He encourages.


Peace is the feeling of safety, serenity of heart, and harmony among people. We are a country at peace when we refrain to enter into war within the states or within other countries. We are individuals at peace when we love others by always showing kindness through many different actions and with gentle words. When the spirit is harmonious among us we are at peace.

We are all children of God who were given something called free will or the ability to choose the path we follow, to make choices in our lives that we will be accountable for to God. With that free will, as said, the choices we make as well as the faith we not only carry within us but spread around us will determine God’s judgement of us when He comes again. Living, spreading, encouraging, building and restoring peace in the world while we inhabit it is just one more way to prove our love for God. It’s one more way that we show God’s love for each one of us. Living in peace, being the peacemaker as God promises will name you as His child.

As always, I hope you have a blessed day.

And with each post in this series, if you’re lost the links below will get you caught up. Feel free to leave comments and discover other inspiring posts throughout Blessed Moments -n- Memories.

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Week Four Kindness Challenge in Review

This week’s kindness challenge focused on being kind. When it comes to kindness, the sky is the limit. By that I mean, acts of kindness are just there, always available because most anything we do for another to help another or to promote positive energy can be considered being kind.

The exercises such as making eye contact, greeting people around me, holding the door for the person after me and leaving water out for stray animals were taught to my sisters and I good ole’ southern manners so these acts of kindness just come naturally to me.

To reach out and really show some kindness this week, I made more of an effort to keep any displeasure with my kids’ father to a minimum and communicated with him while choosing to ignore any jabs or innuendos he shot at me. And if you knew me, you’d understand that this is quite a feat. I’ve mentioned a few times that I generally tend to speak before I think. However, since I’m on the subject, I am content to say I have improved in that area.

My neighbor had surgery this past week and since she’s been home, I have devoted some of my time just visiting with her, offering help in anything that she may need.

Another act of kindness was toward the job that I just quit last week. I have been sending people that are searching for jobs to that location. I felt so horrible for quitting and by sending applicants to that location, my position will get filled quicker which means the other employees aren’t working shorthanded.

One big deal that I’ve been making more of an effort to do is make sure the kitchen is clean before I go to bed at night. I have no problem going to bed and waking to dirty dishes in the sink, but my husband likes the kitchen to be all tidied up so he wakes up to a clean kitchen.

One of my other neighbors has been a thorn in our side almost since we moved into our home many years ago (9 actually). However, with this week’s challenge in mind as well as kindness itself, I made extra effort to be the chatty neighbor with her this week. And I have decided that she can be as pleasant or unpleasant as she chooses, but I will no longer be unpleasant toward her.

It’s a wonderful feeling to show kindness all the time even when you don’t really feel the mood of kindness. And, yes, it is quite easy to be kind to others.

As always, whoever reads this has a wonderful day. Don’t be afraid to leave comments or offer insight. It bolsters community as long as the comments are made respectfully and with kindness.

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Beatitudes Post #3

The Beatitudes series continues this week with #3.

As always, I would like to remind all readers that these posts in this series are explained in the way that I understand them. Take with it what you will, but please understand right or wrong in explanation/understanding is matter of opinion. Through my Bible studies at home plus attending Mass every week sometimes twice, I am learning. Offer comments, thoughts, prayers even but please be kind.

Today’s Beatitude

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

What does it mean to be meek? If a person is meek, is said person weak, strong, bound to servitude?

God wants everyone to come to Him of their own free will, which is the ability to make one’s own decisions based on whatever principles or lack thereof that said person chooses to live by. God wants devotion from each of us because we love Him not because He makes the choice for us. Therefore, if one is living life according to scripture and has voluntarily submitted him/herself to the Lord then he or she will do whatever God calls him/her to do. To put it simply, being meek is living a humble life, serving and seeking God in everything, and glorifying His name in all circumstances. With that said, they shall inherit the earth. Earth? I thought we God calls us home, that home would be in Heaven but Heaven is not earth. Isn’t that confusing. So, to be meek means one would inherit (remain) on earth. But why? I was speaking to my husband once about an irrational fear that I had after I laid down and was not really asleep but nor really awake. I just felt kind of in limbo like the thoughts were going through my head but I’m not sure if I was awake or not. Weird and hard to understand I know, even harder to explain. Anyway, the irrational fear just came out of nowhere and was about the kids, myself, my husband and what we’re doing here, living, breathing and then we die. But then what? I was so shaken by those thoughts that I jumped up from my bed and all the sudden just needed to be with my kids. It was weird.

I remember as a child on a few different occasions when I attended church, we were taught that Heaven is a place of beauty and constant joy while Hell was the exact opposite of beauty, no joy at all, and burning flames. I could never really wrap my head around where these two places were located besides the generic Heaven is up to the sky and Hell is below my feet. Whether that is a true explanation of each place or not is maybe not so important as living a life for God so one can get to Heaven. Actually living a life FOR God, in action, in word, in love always……If something makes your heart sing, but you can’t see what it is, taste what it is, touch what it is, basically using our sensory perceptions to identify the good in our heart then it is God. In other words, does all goodness come from God? Can goodness come from our own belief of what is considered to be important? For instance, the other day I played pull tabs (gambling) from a machine. I put in $5 which gives me five tabs to open. Out of those five, one tab was a winner of another $5 which I stuck back in the machine to buy 5 more tabs. After each of those winners, I thanked God for the win. While I was waiting to get the cash for the winner tab so I could play again, a guy went to the machine to put his money in. I jokingly said, “no you have wait until I put my money back in. Naw, I’m just kidding, but hey listen, if you win big you gotta split it with me and if I win big then I’ll split it with you.” He walked away, I put the $5 I just won back into the machine (remember, that’s only 5 tickets to open) and I believe it was the 3rd ticket that I opened and won $225. I just won $225, but wait……what did I just say? I firmly believe that God was testing my honesty, testing my integrity with that win. Would I honestly keep my word even the word said jokingly?

If you want to know the answer to that then leave a comment, I’ll let you know.

But, I got of my subject with that irrational fear story. Getting back to that, will the meek inherit the earth, nothingness, or Heaven? At whichever point that God calls his people home, the persons that served God will live in His kingdom, but where that is, I do not know. To put as simply as possible, we don’t know (none of us) whether or not we are going to Heaven. However, if we live according to scripture, completely bearing our lives to God so much so that we are an open book, believe in Him and His graces, and strive daily to be what He wants us to be then we will get into Heaven. Being meek, being gentle is something we must do to glorify God and everything He is.

As I said, take with it what you will. However, comments are welcome and encouraged.

Since this is part of a series of post, the following links can take you back to any of the previous posts in the series.

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As always, tune in next week for Post #4 in the Beatitudes Series.

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you well in the new week.


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Lord’s Day Sunday Post #1

I am excited to do the postings on each specified day. I believe in self-growth, spiritual growth, growth in parenting, and growth in marriage. I am devoted to growing in these areas of my life.

And I am stoked that it is finally Sunday! I love Sundays, especially now when I can attend church beings I won’t have a job conflict in less than a week. And thankfully, I have this Sunday off. Plus, it’s Father’s Day! Now I can get creative with different ways to show my husband how much the kids and I appreciate him.

But anywhooo…….since this day is set aside specifically for the Lord during church and at home, each Sunday will feature a prayer, a song to encourage growth in the Lord, and finally, a promise to keep within my family (husband and kids) that will promote growth in myself and in them OR act of kindness for someone outside of my family (preferably someone I am not on good terms with, but we will see how goes it)  for me to accomplish over the course of the week. I will post in some way when I’ve completed the promise or act of kindness. 🙂

I’m excited!

Prayer for the week:

Family Prayer

Lord, bless our family, all of us now together, those far away, all who are gone back to you. May we know joy. May we bear our sorrows in patience. Let love guide our understanding of each other. Let us be grateful to each other. We have all made each other what we are. O Family of Jesus, watch over our family.

Devotional Song of the Week:

They’ll Know We Are Christians


Promise for the Week:

My first thought is to refrain from yelling at the kids. I’m not terrible about doing it, but every so often, I do. But, after careful consideration and the realization that I have been doing pretty well already with not yelling, I have decided my promise for this week is to make a conscientious effort to redirect ONE disagreement with my husband just through positive responses. Anyone who knows me knows this is going to be extremely hard for me because I react first and think later. I’ve been wanting to change the way I respond for a little while now so here’s my chance.

I just can’t get over how excited I am! I am hoping this will be just as encouraging for anyone who reads this as it’s going to be for me.

As always, please feel free to drop a line or two with kindness in heart. Even if one disagrees with me on something,, anything, one can still be nice.

I hope you all have a blessed day and hope to see you here again in a week.

Happy Sunday!

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Beatitudes Post #2

And I am back!

I did make a promise to complete a series of articles on the 8 Beatitudes: 1 each week until they are complete.

Please just remember (and bear with me), this is only my understanding, as skewed as it may be because I am still learning. Learning, for me, will run the gamut of a lifetime because we are never to old to learn.

Today’s Beatitude

Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.


Obviously to mourn something  is to emit feelings of sorrow at the loss. God does not like to see our pain. However, given that we are born with that ever-present, yet stubbornly active free will, the pain we endure is due, in part, to the decisions that we make, but also in part to the choices and decisions of others. It doesn’t matter the decision, though, because all decisions have outcomes, some favorable and some not.

Back to God doesn’t like to see our pain…..He doesn’t. As I have said many, many times, trusting in Him, putting our faith into something outside of ourselves opens that doorway that let’s God enter. He is there, always, to help us endure whatever we need to endure.

When a person trusts in God, in His abilities to heal our souls, then that is exactly what happens. He wants us to rely on Him during our times of sorrow. We are comforted now, every time we pray He hears. Every time we participate (for lack of a better word at the moment) in the Eucharist, we are admitting fault, remitting sin, and nourishing our souls (renewing our faith).

In essence, admitting our faults/errors with true sorrow or sadness that these errors or faults have offended God (mourn) shows true contrite and God shall comfort us. He knows what’s in our hearts, but loves when we come to Him in prayer.

Does that make sense or have I thoroughly confused you?

As always, comments are welcome, encouraged even. Please feel free to drop a few lines to contribute your own understanding.  Differing perspectives will surely lead to better understanding.

Tune in next week for #3 in the series.

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you well this week.