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Parents Forever

Shared parenting is hard work. Two people that were together for only a short while end up having a child together are supposed to be able to co-parent after breaking up. It’s difficult to separate the emotional impact of the relationship and break-up from the responsibility of raising a child together. It’s hard to put aside the pain and the hurt to focus on the best needs of the child. Even when a parent thinks he/she is operating on the best interest of the child, those hurts and fears are still present. With all the issues and disagreements my ex and I have over our son, I decided to enroll in a Parents Forever course to be completed online within 60 days. This course is supposed to help with understanding and teach parents the skills that can reduce the impact of the emotional turmoil of parents that are not living together, but are raising a child together.

What are some problems that separated or divorced couples face when raising a child?

  • communication becomes an issue
  • rules at mom’s house versus rules at dad’s house
  • games parents play that have detrimental effects on the child
  • one parent not being involved
  • one parent being overly obsessed with every little detail which results in much unneeded stress on all parties, in essence, trying to make it as hard as possible on the other parent
  • one parent trying to turn the child against the other parent
  • small disagreements becoming BIG issues.

He and I haven’t been together since before I found out I was pregnant. When he finally decided he wanted to be part of Mr. D’s life, it was hard for me and continues to be hard. I am hoping that this course will alleviate some of the stress. One thing we have to do as co-parenters of our child is set aside our own fears, hurts, and anxieties to focus on the well-being of Mr. D. He’s a wonderful kid and we both love him to the moon. We both want what’s best for him and we both want all the time in the world with him.

It’s a hard road, but it’s possible.

Anyway, if you are going through such an ordeal with an ex and a child, then take a gander at this course. It might work for you.