What I’ve Learned from Being a Mother

Having children is a full time job and anyone who says different:

  • works outside the home and doesn’t see their kids often or
  • isn’t a mother yet

In a little over a month my oldest child will be 17!

Eeek, I know…SCARY!

For the last going on 16 years I have devoted myself to raising wonderful, not so patient, outspoken, but lively children. Each and every one of them offers something unique to our home. If I’m not tripping over a baby toy then I’m arguing with one of the older kids to do something useful in the house like wash a dish, clean the bath tub, or throw a load of laundry in the washer. Sometimes I feel ……ahh, hell I feel frustrated!

However, being a full time wife and mother has taught me a few things:

  1. we never stop learning! i learn everyday with my kids, i learn about them and i learn about myself.
  2. patience! the patience i thought i had before i had kids was a figment of my imagination. being a mother shows me everyday where i lack patience.
  3. that my heart is actually in my throat! i feel their pain, their sadness, their joy….i feel it all and there’s not a damn thing i can do other than be there for them and let them learn.
  4. it’s okay NOT to give sometimes, this i have learned! they don’t need all the fancy new gadgets or the lastest brand of clothing or even the hottest new cell phone. they don’t need a cell phone AT ALL! they need me, they need their dad, they need love and quality time. they need discipline. they need to be kids.
  5. let it go! stop, breathe, and let it go. nobody needs hurt or angry feelings all the time. they are a burden.
  6. take it one day at a time! i don’t have to “fix” the world, but i do have to prepare eight beautiful, rowdy children for the world.
  7. changing a crying, screaming baby is not easy! i don’t know about anyone’s elses babies, but mine refused to be changed sometimes. they tighten their little legs so i can’t get the diaper off.
  8. reverse psychology does NOT work on stubborn children! tricking them into doing what they should be and out of what they shouldn’t be doing is a losing situation.
  9. they need balance! they need some semblance of structure.
  10. sometimes acting like them gets their attention! i don’t do it often but when i do, they are just flabbergasted and the behavior i want gone is, well…..just gone.
  11. you cannot reason with a two, three, five, nine, or ten year old. i am facing the fact that reason has taken an unknown amount lengthy leave of absence around here.
  12. natural inquisitiveness is something we should all carry with us into adulthood, but sadly most of us do not. when we lose our zest for life, our life slowly starts to fall apart.

What has being a mom or a dad taught you?