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Always Choose Kindness


The other day, my son stayed with a neighbor for a couple of hours because I had errands to run. He also happens to be good friends with her daughter. They go to school together although the daughter is a year ahead of my son. They’ve always gotten along so well. I love it! Anyway, the daughter is scheduled to have surgery and while with them for that couple of hours, my son offer this girl his help at school once she returns by “carrying her backpack or whatever.” He also told her that he’d “bring her any school work that she is missing just in case she isn’t able to return when planned.”

That evening upon my return home, and my son’s return, I called my neighbor to apologize for being later than I thought and send my prayers for her daughter with the upcoming surgery. During our conversation, she passed along the above conversation to me and let me know how impressed she was with his kindness.

I will tell you what, there are no better words in the world than hearing from someone how behaved, kind, and respectful your children are. It’s like a breath of fresh air! As I’m sure many parents do, sometimes I doubt my abilities as a mother so my neighbors kind words are much appreciated.

Anywho, just a small reminder that kindness goes a long way whether it benefits you personally or not, it benefits someone else. Isn’t that a goal we should all try to reach?



Daily Encourgement, Life in General

Upcoming Series to Start Soon

Okay, if you’ve been reading my blog, I would like to first say thank you. I hope it is encouraging and uplifting, and if it makes even 1 person’s day better in any way, I am thankful for that. As always, feel free to leave comments, ask questions, or offer another perspective not only for kindness to me, but also because it challenges and leads me to a deeper understanding of my faith and my place in this world. Please remember to be kind in anything you may comment on. I will not wish ill-will on you if you are unkind, but (as childish as this may sound) it will make my heart sad. And then I will pray about it and for you.

Now, for the wonderful news! I am going to start a series of posts, however, I am not sure whether the series will be weekly or monthly. This series will feature in each post one Beatitude and my understanding of it. My hope is to deepen my faith in the Lord because I have begun a life changing journey to know Him and what better way to get to know him than to study scripture to apply in my own life and daily prayers/devotions.

I do hope you join me. I am not trying to change anyone’s faith, but I do hope to encourage anyone that visits my blog, either through stumbling upon it or seeking it with a purpose in mind.

So, to begin this series, I’m going give a little background information on my, as of yet, short walk with God – it’s only just begun – I converted to Catholicism 3 years ago, went to church faithfully for about a year, and then sadly, I quit going. It wasn’t the church that led me to that decision, but more my running away from God (you know, because I can do it better). I don’t claim to know what the Bible says word for word because (I’m still learning and I believe it’s a lifelong process) I….well I just don’t. I can’t tell you (at this moment anyway), one verse by heart. After some hardships in my life, I called on God again. As is His nature, He is forgiving and always welcomes anyone who calls on Him. So, not to provoke offense or anger, if religion is not important to you and you absolutely cannot refrain from being unkind, then this is not the place for you because this series of posts, with many others on my blog, are aimed to know, love, and serve the Lord. This is my journey.

Many of you probably know where the Beatitudes are listed, but for those who don’t (and rest assured I was on the same boat just a few short months ago), they are listed in the Holy Bible, in the Book of Matthew Chapter 5 verses 3-10. As I said, this is a series that will take place over a period of weeks or months, still undecided (I have to study the scripture before I can get an understanding of it and then be able to explain it to others), but no matter if it takes only 8 weeks, 16 weeks, or 8 months, I will try to be as in-depth as possible for each Beatitude. Do feel free, if you don’t know them already, to read them over so when I do make the post, you can offer your own understanding, explanation, or perspective.

So, be on the look-out for the first posting within the next couple of days. I do encourage you to stop by. After all, we are discussing scripture which is God’s instruction on how we should live. I would like to stress, if you follow a Christian religion, I am not here to change your mind. By definition, catholic simply means universal, which is to welcome anyone that wants to seek the Lord. Yes, you will find that most churches, if not all, welcome newcomers. But for the Catholic faith to be called catholic, the beliefs in the Church do not change from one area to the next whether it be state, country, or continent, but may variate slightly. All Christians believe God created all people along with the rest of creation and He looks upon each of us as His child no matter where you live in the world. Therefore, what the Catholic Church practices in Rome is also practiced in good ole’ US of A.Unfortunately, I can’t explain it better than that, so if you can, please do.

Moving on…..

Again, it is not my intentions to change what you believe, but if what you believe does change, it’s due to God and He receives the glory. I am simply spreading His word. You are free to come, comment, even disapprove, but use discretion, be respectful and kind. Just because your opinion or belief is different than mine (if it is), this doesn’t require a mean spirit. Be Kind. Always.

Anywhooo,whatever you choose, thank you for stopping by and I wish you well.

I sincerely hope to see you again 🙂