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Fun Photo Friday: Come and Gone

Giminy Crickets! I am late posting the fun photo for this past week.

Please forgive me for my absence. I have not been in the best of moods of late which has resulted in very minimal posts from me.

However, I meant to post a photo for Friday, but time just got away from me.

But, I guess it’s better late than never.

Fun Photo Friday: Sewing

My mother-in-law has been sewing since she was a young girl. She taught all of her children the basics of sewing — much applause to her and my father-in-law for raising such wonderful children. They even made a career out of her talent and have owned a sewing shop for more years than my husband and I have been together. A few years ago I made my first quilt with her teaching me. And now, quilting is a hobby that I enjoy very much (when I have time). This week’s photo focuses on my own daughter learning to sew. Just out of nowhere she came to me and said, “Mommy, will you teach me to sew a quilt?”

And lo, we now have a budding quilter in the house. As a quilter, I have a ton of fabric scraps that I’ve saved from quilts I’ve completed over the years. A quilter never gets rid of their stash! My daughter and I gathered some of the scraps (piece sizes vary — all different shapes and sizes) so she could start creating her very first masterpiece. Throughout the time that she has been practicing (today was the first day), she has sewn together quite a few pieces. A few times she got a little down because she messed up, but not completely out. I just reassured her that we all makes mistakes, mess up, have to restitch, and get crooked but we just fix it as best we can and keep moving along. I am by no means proficient at quilting as I have much to learn, but I am able to teach her the little that I know and maybe grandma can teach her what she knows, too.

All in all, I’d say we’re off to a pretty great start 🙂

lily sewing

Life in General

Story of Jesus

I always love when Sunday rolls around. Many people look forward to Friday, but I can’t wait for Sunday. In honor of today, I am posting a short video of my daughter. She’s my sweetie who loves Jesus ♥


Happy Sunday to everyone 🙂

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Happiness – 101 Simple Things

Happiness is what we all search for. We look for it in everything we do, everyone we meet, and everywhere we go. Scale Simple created her own and is asking for other bloggers to create their own lists of 101 happiness’s in their lives.

Happiness 101 Simple Things Challenge rules…

  • Write 101 Simple things that make you happy

  • Tag 5 bloggers who you would like to invite to take part in this challenge

  • Mention ScaleSimple in your post!

101 Simple things that bring me happiness…Pretty much everything under the sun, but I shall credit each one individually 🙂

  1. Happiness is…Sunday Mass
  2. Happiness is…Wednesday Mass
  3. Happiness is…ONLY the very first fresh fallen snow of the year (i hate winter, but that first snowfall is beautiful)
  4. Happiness is…the first cries of a newborn baby
  5. Happiness is…glasses that help me to see the world clearly
  6. Happiness is…cool, crisp Dr. Pepper 
  7. Happiness is…smell of bacon in the morning
  8. Happiness is…squeals of a happy toddler
  9. Happiness is…mutters of an aggravated teenager
  10. Happiness is…the smell of my husband 
  11. Happiness is…curling up with a good love story minus the in-depth sexual details….Nicholas Sparks is my fav!
  12. Happiness is…the first rays of the morning sun….such a peace it brings
  13. Happiness is…loud crashes of thunder
  14. Happiness is…the smell of lilacs
  15. Happiness is…whines and complaints of my pre-teen boys
  16. Happiness is…watching my little girls conversate with one another….it’s quite entertaining.
  17. Happiness is…sleeping with my fan. every night.
  18. Happiness is…camping in a tent on a stormy night.
  19. Happiness is…the neighbor kids over to play in the sprinkler.
  20. Happiness is….noticeable improvements in myself and my loved ones.
  21. Happiness is…my daddy’s devilish grin.
  22. Happiness is…my mama’s cooking.
  23. Happiness is…getting together with my sisters, feeling almost like kids again.
  24. Happiness is…snuggling with my hunny bunny.
  25. Happiness is…my hair straightener on date nights.
  26. Happiness is…hosting a social gathering of friends/family in the backyard.
  27. Happiness is…my neighbors.
  28. Happiness is…God’s presence in our home.
  29. Happiness is…my husband being able to get home each night versus the once-a-week that it used to be.
  30. Happiness is…soft breezes.
  31. Happiness is…chirping grasshoppers.
  32. Happiness is…singing birds.
  33. Happiness is…croaking frogs.
  34. Happiness is…my favorite flip-flops.
  35. Happiness is…creating a quilt.
  36. Happiness is…putting the last stitch in the quilt.
  37. Happiness is…being on the water, near the water, or in the water (bathtub excluded)
  38. Happiness is…a 5-10 minute soak in the hottest bath I can stand.
  39. Happiness is…watching reruns of my favorite romantic movies.
  40. Happiness is…memories of my children as babies.
  41. Happiness is…memories of family vacays as well as the stolen getaways with just my hubby.
  42. Happiness is…the sights of a horse (wild or not) running freely, its’ mane flowing carelessly in the wind.
  43. Happiness is…having conversation with the pastor at my church.
  44. Happiness is…listening to stories of older generations.
  45. Happiness is…snuggling all night with a sick child. if you’re a mom then you will understand the reasoning behind this one.
  46. Happiness is…childhood memories.
  47. Happiness is…traveling.
  48. Happiness is…the beautiful flowers blooming in my yard.
  49. Happiness is…celebrations of any kind.
  50. Happiness is…giving to others without expectation of a return.
  51. Happiness is…lots and lots of laughter from adult and child alike.
  52. Happiness is…encouraging others in their own lives.
  53. Happiness is…Christmas, Easter, and the 4th of July.
  54. Happiness is…red hair dye.
  55. Happiness is…getting all dolled up for a night out with my favorite guy.
  56. Happiness is…one on one time with each of my children.
  57. Happiness is…Red Lobster.
  58. Happiness is…the color purple.
  59. Happiness is…witnessing someone in their enjoyments.
  60. Happiness is…the colors of summer.
  61. Happiness is…the feels of summer.
  62. Happiness is…the sounds of summer.
  63. Happiness is…the smells of summer.
  64. Happiness is…summer.
  65. Happiness is…freeze pops on a super hot day.
  66. Happiness is…capturing life’s joys through my photo lens.
  67. Happiness is…walking barefoot through a mud puddle after a heavy rain.
  68. Happiness is…falling asleep in the car as my husband drives down the road.
  69. Happiness is…to watch my children try and try and try until they succeed.
  70. Happiness is…seeing my husband pull into the drive in the evenings, even more so if he’s home early.
  71. Happiness is…heart to heart conversations with my loved ones.
  72. Happiness is…watching my children grow and change.
  73. Happiness is…the sauciness and know-it-all attitude of my 4 year old (once they reach 10+ that same attitude is aggravating).
  74. Happiness is…watching my son interact with his girlfriend.
  75. Happiness is…the day my son gets back home from his dad’s.
  76. Happiness is…playing backyard games with my kiddos.
  77. Happiness is…working together as family to accomplish our goals.
  78. Happiness is…sleeping in.
  79. Happiness is…writing in my journal or on my blog.
  80. Happiness is…the smells of rain.
  81. Happiness is…putting together a puzzle.
  82. Happiness is…perusing the fabrics in a fabric store.
  83. Happiness is…meaningful tattoos.
  84. Happiness is…sitting in peaceful silence every so often.
  85. Happiness is…watching the sun rise or set.
  86. Happiness is…catching a fish.
  87. Happiness is…winning at pull-tabs.
  88. Happiness is…chances to be creative.
  89. Happiness is…adding something new to or making a change in decor.
  90. Happiness is…the smell of clean laundry.
  91. Happiness is…reading my girls their favorite story.
  92. Happiness is…saying nighttime prayers with all the kids.
  93. Happiness is…singing my girls their only, most favorite, not anything else but this one song: Down in the Valley.
  94. Happiness is…George Strait on the radio/cd player
  95. Happiness is…thoughts of love, kindness, and encouragement.
  96. Happiness is…reading my daily devotionals.
  97. Happiness is…family prayer time.
  98. Happiness is…prayer by myself.
  99. Happiness is…taking the kids to the waterpark.
  100. Happiness is…relaxing on a blanket under my favorite shade tree watching my children play.
  101. Happiness is…babies, babies, babies.



Can you name 101 simple things that bring you happiness in your life?

I challenge…

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  5. Just Add Grace
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Meaningful Monday: Thoughtful Conversation

It’s that time already! Meaningful Monday!

What so meaningful has happened over the week?

For starters, camping over the weekend was meaningful. Since I no longer have a job, I was able to spend the weekend with my family, enjoying the windy weather. Quite a change from the last camping trip, but it was fun. On Sunday, which has already been posted on, we just spent the day together after church, enjoying what God has blessed us with….one another: the children, the husband, and the wife as well as my parents and siblings.

My husband and I were able to have some much needed time, here and there, in which we could conversate without children’s ears. You know, all that good, adult responsibility kind of conversation. However, we were also able to focus on some conversation as husband and wife and friends, the kind of conversation every relationship needs to flourish. It’s the kind of the conversation in which you discover something new about the other. Through the reading I’ve been doing to help improve myself as a wife and a mother and strengthen my walk with God, I have discovered quite a few things about love and marriage that I didn’t know. For instance, I’ve known for a long time that falling in love is pretty simple, but staying in love and building the relationship after the initial oohs and aahs have subsided is a choice. Choosing to love someone is the hardest part when right smack dab in the middle of what feels like total hell. Argument and after argument and after yet another argument. Hurt feelings covered by anger. A heart full of love that has become over-shadowed by one that has been broken multiple times. This is true for most any relationship and choosing to love through all of it is where the loving gets hard and harder yet. What I didn’t know is when choosing love, a person is making a conscious choice to put the other above themselves even in the midst of all the pain. So many times when a person gets hurt, he or she withdraws. When choosing to love, said person continues to do things that show love even when he or she doesn’t feel love at the moment. And that’s the kind of love that lasts.

What else made my week so meaningful?

Father’s Day. I wrote a Father’s Day post for my dad, who doesn’t get on the computer much and doesn’t know I have a blog so getting the letter is only possible if I actually gave him a copy in hand.

Which I did!

I copied and printed what I posted on my blog to give him a hard copy. It was wonderful! My dad is not much of a talker when it comes to emotions, a trait I inherited from him (although I’m working on it and improving), but he needed to know everything that I wrote to him. I wanted to let him know that even though it appeared as if I wasn’t paying attention in my youth, I really was.

And you know what?

Later, after he read the letter and I seen him again, he seemed a little different. Happier. And that makes me happy.

The week got even better after I spent some time talking with a gentleman that I’m acquainted with because my children have befriended, but have not really gotten to know. When I say befriended, they talk with him when they see him out and about. I live in a small town and he used to sit in the coffee shop and when they’d see him there, they’d visit with him. He’s a friendly guy and when I did make the time to speak with him for a lengthy conversation, I found that he has many of the same values that my husband and I have and he follows the same religious teachings that we follow. He’s very interesting and quite smart.

Beings I am not much of a people person, I generally stick to myself and my family. I am the kind of person who keeps a few close people in my life and take others as they come and go. I am quite content to have one super awesome, life-long friend before claiming to have 100 friends that really aren’t friends. In that respect, when I befriend someone it’s because that someone has made an impression on my heart that nobody else can.  I am not altogether certain if that’s the best way to be or not. A few things I’ve learned over the course of my life:

  • put God first. In everything. Marriage. Family relationships. Friendships. Work relationships. Everything.  When God comes first, everything else will fall into place just as He has planned.
  • accept everyone. I don’t have to agree with their lifestyle choices, but I do have to love them and accept them for who they are.
  • say what I mean and mean what I say. This is a little harder because I tend to speak first and think later.
  • judgments are not mine to make. I’ve had a lot of influence socially wise when it comes to judging others. I have judged and I have been judged. I spend much time praying about this.
  • be kind. Always. Even when it’s hard! The other day someone responded on FB to something I posted and said it was wrong. I just remember thinking that the person who responded with that response doesn’t really know me so how could she make that response? You know what? It doesn’t matter. I’ve met her a few times, spent some time with her as an acquaintance/friend, but not an in-depth amount of time for her to say what she said, but I realize, whatever she thought she knew about me is not who the ‘me’ really is. I thought about unfriending her, but then decided I wasn’t going to. Maybe I mis-read her response.

As anyone knows, life is not easy. We don’t always get back what we give. Sometimes, it seems like we get taken advantage of.

But rest assured, what you get back at this time is not nowhere near as important as what God promises. Many times, my husband and I discuss how we feel as if we are getting taken advantage of, but in the end, we are only doing what God has called us to do. In those moments in which we complain about being taken advantage of we stop and remember the reason that we are so helpful.

And then it all makes sense once again.

I hope you all have a blessed day. Go out or stay in, but make your Monday just as meaningful 🙂



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Lord’s Day Sunday Post #2

My first Sunday post for the specified day.

This morning’s treat: Sunday Mass. And always, it was wonderful. Due to my last days at work, I haven’t been able to attend Mass because of scheduling conflicts. After profuse amounts of prayer and asking for forgiveness, I was assured that missing work due to work conflict is not frowned upon. However, the guilt weighed heavy on my heart. So, after what feels like months, I was finally able to attend Mass this morning.

It was wonderful. I have been feeling the strain of not having been there for a while now. Things just have not been making much sense to me lately and I attribute that to not attending. All is right in the world, once again.

Today’s Mass focused on when God calls a person’s number or when He calls on a person to devote one’s life to Him, one shouldn’t make Him wait. Am I willing to do what He asks, when he asks? This could mean a wife becoming pregnant, a man entering seminary school to devote their complete life to God, a woman being called to become a nun, devoting one’s life to serving others through ministry, occupation, servitude, and prayer. It could mean even the smallest, simplest form of devotion, but one that is just as meaningful to God because God recognizes the obedience to Him in even the smallest acts.

Father told us the story of what led him to seminary school and how many times he tried to put it off. However, it was his calling and the Lord was very insistent. Now, we have someone heading our church who is devoted, caring, and a great teacher.

It really makes me think of what I can be doing, what I should be doing, what I’m not doing, and what I shouldn’t be doing in regard to this human life. Am I pleasing God in my daily life? My actions, my words, my thoughts…..are these all pleasing to God or pleasing to myself? Thoughts to ponder over tonight, tomorrow, the rest of my life. It was a great service.

After church, I spent the day with my family. Visiting, teaching, caring for…….every day actions without interruption because

It’s Sunday, the Lord’s day.

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Quote of the Day: Yes, You Are….

Well, I borrowed this from a FB post a few days ago. And since I am a woman, I guess I find it rather important to let women know they make a difference and

Yes, You Are Everything…….

everything needed to make a house into a home, for your home to run smoothly, to encourage and build the self-esteem of your children, and to meet the needs of your husband as only a wife can (in most facets of his life). He still needs God and possibly alone time as well as time to hang out with his buddies I suppose. However, to help fulfill those needs you only have to encourage your husband to hang out, talk to God daily, and take a couple of hours to himself just doing whatever men do.



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Nobody’s Perfect

Perfection is but a pipe dream. The only perfect being of all creation is God himself and Jesus, His son.

People strive and strive to meet the perfection expectation, but they fail. Not for any reason attributed to themselves or their abilities (maybe lack thereof if you must say), but simply for the fact that perfection was lost as soon as Eve was misled and encouraged by the serpent to eat the forbidden fruit. She, then, influenced Adam to do the same.

And BAM!

There goes perfection straight into the serpents’ waiting arms. Or whatever.

So, from that point on, a person was born with original sin, inescapable.

Although, in that respect, we will not witness perfection until we are allowed into His kingdom, perfection is, nonetheless, aspired for or toward.

But, I believe, although we are all born with this original sin, perfection does exist in who we are, who God created us to be. In other words, God created perfection.

I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well. -Psalm 139:14

He made us exactly how He wanted us to be, how He knew we would live best to praise and glorify His name. That’s perfection. He knows us better than we know ourselves, better than our parents or our spouses, our friends, anyone knows us.

In my eyes, perfection is the heart of every child before life gets in the way. Yes, born with original, but has not sinned of his/her own accord as of yet.






Judging by the very definition of and knowing of God’s perfection, it’s something that will be attained only at God’s discretion, but is completely obtainable in the sense that He created it such as was Adam and Eve in the beginning.

When I held my newborn babies at the moment they were cleaned and placed in my arms, I caught a glimpse of perfection. Only a glimpse, as God and His promise after our bodily death is much more, so incredibly much more than my mind can fathom. A glimpse, so small in His universe that it would take the Hubble telescope to see it (to clarify: the Hubble telescope is one of, if not the most, powerful telescope created and in our earthly existence, that’s pretty powerful). Can you imagine how much more HE really is than what our minds can understand?

Through years and years and even more years of research, what our minds envision have not, cannot, and will not put a dent in what God actually is. We have created, through all the research, only a minuscule understanding  of how BIG our God is and what He can do. As humans, such as God intended, our minds can only comprehend so much before overload. To understand most things, we have to have something to measure against. We have to have something that helps us perceive the world around us; therefore, everything in our brain has a shape, a size, a color, a smell, a feel, a sound, etc to help discern what’s what. But it’s so much more than that. It’s quite sad that we think we know better than God and have taken what God created to claim as our own.

Accomplish what you will.

Reach the unattainable goal.

Work hard to make a difference.

Give God the glory.

Because perfection lies in our midst, but we will only reach perfection with God’s help.

I hope you all have a wonderfully, exciting, perfect day.

As always, comments are welcome, encouraged even. Please be kind 🙂

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Family Quotations

I am so excited! I have been nominated to do the 3 day quote challenge and I think it’s going to be tons of fun. I love quotes because they so eloquently put into words exactly what I am thinking or feeling at any given moment, much like a song.

Since family is so incredibly important to me, today’s quotes will focus around family. Words are used as encouragement, to express most any emotion, and to just hold conversation. They can build a person up, tear a person down, and can have connotations beyond the understanding of some while others catch the meaning rather quickly.

Before I start with today’s quotes, I’d like to thank Good, Beautiful and True for the nomination. When I got it in my inbox this afternoon, I was super excited! Good, Beautiful, and True is a very inspiring blog that focuses on incorporating fitness into her life along with her family and her faith. Again, thank you for the nomination.

Without further ado, here are my 3 quotes of the day:

As I said, since our lives are led by God and we live in a Christ centered home, my first quote goes to God. Without him, nothing in our life is possible.

God is in the sadness and the laughter, in the bitter and the sweet. There is a divine purpose behind everything — and therefore a divine presence in everything. – Neale Donald Walsch

Beyond God, family is the most important thing in my life and since I happen to be a wife, my husband is the focus here. He’s my friend, my lover, my childrens’ father, and the leader of our home.

A home with a loving and loyal husband and wife is the supreme setting in which children can be reared in love and righteousness and in which the spiritual and physical needs of children can be met. – David A. Bednar

My vocation as a mother is what takes up most my time and as to be expected, the kids get all of my attention during the day. So, this quote if for them.

We aren’t perfect people, but with the grace God supplies, we’re doing our best to raise our children in an atmosphere that is heavily seasoned with grace, mercy, compassion, structure, wisdom and love that we believe find their source in Christ. – John Stange

Such words of wisdom and truth that encourage me to be the best I can be in each of these areas: Child of God, Wife, and Mother.

My 3 nominations for today are:

366 acts of random kindness

Shell’s Shizzle


Side note to the nominees: Please don’t feel obligated to participate if this isn’t your thing. It’s fun, but not required.

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Thankful Thursday

As many of you know, my last day at my job is coming up soon, one week to go. However, since I was only working part-time, I actually have have 3 workings left. I’m very saddened about it. We had our monthly meeting today and as I sat in that meeting, listening to my supervisor go over the important information of the upcoming month I just watched my co-workers who surrounded me. My heart was sad and tears threatened all day long. Although, I know I am resigning from my job to devote my time to motherhood which is the most important thing I will ever do, it’s still very hard. I will  miss my friends. I will miss the camaraderie. I will miss the money. I will miss being part of a team. I will miss that small part of me that was something other than mom for a few hours on a couple different days of the week.

But, I will forever be thankful for the short time I was able to give to that company. I am thankful for the friends that I made. I am thankful for the job that I was able to contribute to. I am thankful for what I learned during my short employment with them. Mostly, though, I am thankful that I get to return to my vocation of motherhood. During all the years I’ve been a stay home mom, it became almost monotonous, able to carry on without much of me. Being employed for that short amount of time really opened my eyes as to the importance of being a stay home mom. I already knew it in my heart, but as the days, the weeks, the months, and the years kept coming and going, it seemed the beauty of it, the significance of SAHM goes unnoticed. This leads to the monotony and the need to feel like you’re making a difference, hence, the job I acquired. Being a working mom put being a stay home mom back into perspective and that I am thankful for.

She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.  -Proverbs 31:27

From this moment forward, I will continue to live each day as it comes, take complete advantage of the blessing bestowed upon me from God to stay home, and accept responsibility for encouraging a faith-filled, God-centered home for the family that has also been a blessing.